Joe Hisaishi – Concert to end 2017 and new concerts in 2018

Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi will offer a special end-of-the-year concert (Saint Silvester concert) this Sunday, December 31st – 5:00 p.m. at the Osaka Festival Hall in Osaka (Japan), with the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra and several choirs; a concert that sold out all its tickets weeks ago.

Joe Hisaishi - Osaka (December 2017)


For 2018, Joe Hisaishi only has 3 concerts planned at the moment, all of them in May (Friday 4th at 8pm, Saturday 5th at 8pm and Sunday 6th of May, 2018 at 3pm) at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall in Hong Kong

Joe Hisaishi - Conducting


Tickets for these concerts will go on sale on February 1st, 2018 through the official website of the Hong Kong Philharmonic, with prices between 480 HKD and 1080 HKD (51 – 116 €):


Note that after the concert given this year by Joe Hisaishi at Film Music Prague festival in April, the composer revealed that he was having conversations to return to Europe in 2018, specifically to Germany, although he did not give any details about it.

So, unless you intend to travel to Asia, at the moment we can only wait to see if he confirms his presence in Europe again in 2018, something that all his fans will appreciate very much, as has already been proven with the sold outs of the concerts held at Prague and Paris in 2017.


SoundTrackFest attended both concerts, and published summary articles in the following links:


Joe Hisaishi in Film Music Prague – April 2017

Joe Hisaishi in Paris – June 2017