Game Music Festival 2023 – 5ª edición – Londres

El festival polaco Games Music Festival celebrará su 5ª edición el 4 de mayo de 2023, en el Royal Festival Hall de Londres (Reino Unido), al igual que ya hizo el año pasado (leer más), con dos conciertos especiales ‘The Sounds of the Fireflies’ y ‘The Symphony of the Realms’.

Game Music Festival 2023 - 5ª edición - Londres


Anuncio oficial:

“GMF returns to London – two different genres, two distinct styles, one unique event!


This Spring, Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall shall once again reverberate with music from universally acclaimed video games. Firstly, BAFTA-nominated original scores of The Last of Us games will take the stage, inviting the audience to a journey through the soundscapes of post-apocalyptic USA.


After a short rest, the magical harmonies of Faerûn will beckon the listeners to continue the musical adventure. The Philharmonia Orchestra, joined by Hertfordshire Chorus, shall perform the mesmerising music from Baldur’s Gate 3, the most recent entry to the legendary role-playing game franchise.


So, gather your party, as great adventures await… just one click away.”

Esta 5ª edición incluirá dos conciertos y actividades educativas con el siguiente programa:

THE SOUNDS OF THE FIREFLIES – Featuring music from The Last of Us – May 4/5/2023 @13:00h

For the first time ever, the BAFTA-nominated soundtracks of The Last of Us Part I & II are to be presented in such unique arrangements! Performed by the amazing Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Robert Kurdybacha joined by the Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaollala at the guitar, this performance is set to captivate hearts and minds in a true torrent of emotions.


With dozens of awards, over 17 million copies sold, and TV adaptation being HBO Max’s most-watched project in history, both parts of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece left a strong imprint in hearts of gamers all over the world.


Setting new standards in mature, emotional storytelling, The Last of Us follows a narrative of two characters – Joel and Ellie. Venturing through post-apocalyptic, desolated cities, they need to face not only harsh environments and mutated creatures, but also the sheer realization that sometimes the most dangerous monsters are… other people.


Virtuosic guitar skills of Gustavo Santaollala, paired with his minimalistic approach, deliver a soundtrack that adds depth to each scene, perfectly resonating with the emotional landscape of the game. Brief moments of respite are adorned by austere compositions and ambient melancholic sounds, only to be followed by aggressive drums and industrial tones during many dreadful, deadly encounters.


Tickets (40-125 GBP / 46-144 €):

NOTE: Top-price tickets include premium seating for the performance, and admission to the Gustavo Santaolalla masterclass

Game Music Festival 2023 - The Sounds of the Fireflies

THE SYMPHONY OF THE REALMS – Featuring music from Baldur’s Gate 3 – May 4/5/2023 @19:00h

Music holds great power not only in Dungeons & Dragons, so join us for a night of magic, as Baldur’s Gate 3 score has its fully-fledged live symphonic premiere! Allow yourself to be charmed by this performance by the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Robert Kurdybacha and Hertfordshire Chorus, as they take you on an unforgettable musical journey through the Forgotten Realms.


Beautifully crafted reactive environments, a great cast of characters, engrossing story, and unparalleled freedom of choice, combined with the enthralling score – all this contributed to the staggering success of Larian Studios’ most recent addition to the legendary saga.


The soundtrack, composed by Borislav Slavov, is a multi-faceted melodic prism, encompassing a variety of musical possibilities within itself. Beguiling vocal fragments and ethereal melodies are intertwined with epic battle themes and choral sections, creating a diverse weave of sounds, fit for a world on the brink of change.


Maestro Robert Kurdybacha, a long-time associate of Game Music Festival, will be conducting both concerts. He is no stranger to the music of video games, having written several fan-favourite symphonies for previous editions. With almost 170 artists on stage, this performance will be an experience you absolutely would not want to miss!


Tickets (40-125 GBP / 46-144 €): [CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!!]

NOTE: Top-price tickets include premium seating for the performance, and admission to the Borislav Slavov masterclass

Game Music Festival 2023 - The Symphony of the Realms


Game Music Festival consists of more than concerts featuring the music of video games; it also involves multiple educational and informative events, sessions, and meetings with composers, industry leaders, and experts. During masterclass workshops, participants will be able to ‘see backstage’, discover something about how audio is being created for games, improve their various competencies, and learn many new tips and tricks to better create and analyse game music.


In parallel to the festival’s concerts, meetings and discussions will be held with several game audio professionals, including masterclass workshops conducted by composers.


Those sessions will be a unique opportunity to have closer look into the world of music and sounds of contemporary video games. This will be hugely beneficial for everyone who plans to build a career in composing or designing sound.


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