2024-02-25 – 9:00 h

La emisora de radio clásica californiana KUSC ha entrevistado recientemente al legendario compositor John Williams. Ahora, se puede escuchar esa entrevista de 20 minutos en línea de forma gratuita.


Descripción oficial:

“Composer John Williams earned his 54th Oscar nomination for his score to Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which allowed him to revisit the music he’d written for four earlier films, going back to Raiders of the Lost Ark, 42 years ago. As the years have passed and new characters have been introduced, there are new themes to explore, but also a memorable canon, filled with nostalgic, swashbuckling melodies. John Williams tells Brian Lauritzen he didn’t start out thinking he’d write a full score for the film, but after writing a handful of themes, he found himself drawn into the project, and not wanting to let anyone else take it over.”