2023-08-30 – 20:35 h

El lunes 4 de septiembre, el Princess Anne Theatre de Londres acogerá una clase magistral con el compositor Inon Zur, responsable de la música de numerosas franquicias de juegos de éxito como Fallout, Dragon Age y Prince of Persia, así como del próximo Starfield, organizada por BAFTA (Academia Británica de las Artes Cinematográficas y de la Televisión).


El evento presencial costará 5 GBP (6 €) e incluirá una ronda de preguntas al final. Debido a la gran demanda, el evento también se retransmitirá en streaming de forma gratuita. Es necesario registrarse en ambos casos.


Descripción oficial:

“Inon Zur has composed music for numerous top-selling games franchises including FalloutDragon Age and Prince of Persia as well as the upcoming Starfield with instantly recognisable and emotive tracks. His work has earned him three BAFTA award nominations. In this masterclass, Inon will break down key iconic tracks from across his career and share insights on the processes and challenges of developing music for games. You will also hear about his general experiences of working as a composer in the industry. Throughout, he will be lifting the curtain behind how he creates scores built around the emotions he wants the players to feel – and inspire fellow composers on how they may want to do the same.


The event will be hosted by Luci Holland, an award-winning Scottish composer and sound artist who composes and produces music and audiovisual art for film, games and concert.


This masterclass will end with an audience Q&A.


Due to high demand, we will also be streaming this event live for those who are unable to secure a ticket to attend in-person. If you wish to watch, please register here. “


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