2024-04-20 – 10:30 h


What began in 1974 will reach its fifth decade in 2024: the collaboration between composer John Williams and director Steven Spielberg. The City Light Symphony Orchestra is taking this anniversary as an opportunity to pay tribute to the outstanding work of these two Hollywood giants – including the concert programme «A Tribute to Williams & Spielberg» on 20th April 2024 at the KKL Luzern.


Unforgettable, legendary, epochal – Steven Spielberg and John Williams have been enchanting cinema audiences for 50 years with masterpieces such as «E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial», «Indiana Jones», and «Schindler’s List». What began in 1974 with «The Sugarland Express» turned out to be the most comprehensive Hollywood collaboration to date. To date, John Williams has scored 31 feature films directed by Steven Spielberg. Spielberg has also acted as producer on several occasions when Williams has taken the baton – most recently for the 5th «Indiana Jones» adventure.


Williams and Spielberg have hardly left out any genre and play on the whole range of emotions. «Jaws», «Indiana Jones», «E.T.», «Jurassic Park», «Schindler’s List» – just a handful of the films they have made together with unmistakable film music. Who doesn’t know the Raiders March as the epitome of thrilling adventure cinema? Who doesn’t get a shiver down their spine with the dark motif from «Jaws»? Who isn’t moved to tears by the violin playing from «Schindler’s List»? It goes on like this dozens of times…


In keeping with Spielberg’s multi-faceted film work, Williams created music that ranges from gruesome horror and heroic adventure to harrowing drama with elegiac instrumental solos, rousing marches and epic symphonies. Spielberg: «Without John Williams, bicycles don’t fly, dinosaurs don’t walk the earth; we don’t marvel, we don’t cry, we don’t consider what we see as believable. John has enhanced every movie we’ve made together.»


The masterful, multi-layered film music of John Williams has accompanied the City Light Symphony Orchestra since its founding. With «A Tribute to Williams & Spielberg – Celebrating 50 Years of Movie & Music History», the musicians and conductor Kevin Griffiths celebrate the world-famous and also lesser-known highlights of this iconic dream team.


  • City Light Symphony Orchestra
  • Kevin Griffiths – Conductor


Folleto del concierto: (enlace)

  • «Hook» (1991) – Flight To Neverland
  • «Jaws» (1975) – The Shark Theme
  • «Jurassic Park» (1993) – Incident At Isla Nublar – Theme
  • «The Lost World: Jurassic Park» (1997) – Theme
  • «The Terminal» (2004) – Viktor’s Tale
  • «Munich» (2005) – End Credits
  • «Lincoln» (2012) – The People’s House – Getting Out The Vote
  • «E.T. – The Extra-Terrestrial» (1982) – Adventures On Earth
  • «1941» (1979) – March
  • «Saving Private Ryan» (1998) – Revisiting Normandy
  • «Schindler’s List» (1993) – Jewish Town
  • «War Horse» (2011) – Dartmoor, 1912
  • «The Adventures Of Tintin» (2011) – The Duel
  • «Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull» (2008) – The Crystal Spell – A Whirl Through Academe
  • «Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny» (2023) – Helena’s Theme
  • «Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade» (1989) – End Credits