2023-09-06 – 19:10 h

La Orchestra Victoria dirigida por Vanessa Scammell ofrecerá ‘Indie Symphony: Videogames in Concert’ el viernes 8 de septiembre en el Arts Centre Melbourne, con un programa que incluye música de videojuegos Indie como Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Journey, Transistor, Hades, Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical, Necrobarista, o Hollow Knight, entre otros.


El concierto contará con arreglos especiales de Jessica Wells y Austin Wintory y la presencia de invitados especiales como Simon Hall, Steven Gates y Austin Wintory (Stray Gods).


Descripción oficial:

For the first time in Australia, Indie Symphony elevates these scores to the scale of a full symphony orchestra, featuring over 60 musicians and singers on the Hamer Hall stage.


Meena Shamaly, host of ABC’s Game Show, is your guide as you explore the haunting labyrinths of Hollow Knight’s Hallownest, captivating expanses of Journey, mountain peaks of Celeste and the depths of the underworld in Hades and Stray Gods. Hear these videogames as you’ve never experienced them before in this unique event for all music lovers.


Don’t miss this one-night-only performance.


Join Meena Shamaly, host of ABCs Game Show, for a pre-show talk that highlights the featured composers and songwriters of Indie Symphony. Meena will be joined by special guests including Simon Hall, Steven Gates, and Austin Wintory (Stray Gods). Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the music from some of the world’s most loved indie video games from the composers who write for them



  • «Reach for the Summit» – Celeste (Lena Raine)
  • «The Mourning Tree» – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (Jessica Curry)
  • «Nascence», «Apotheosis» & «I Was Born for This» – Journey (Austin Wintory)
  • «Paper Boats» & «We are all Become» – Transistor (Darren Korb)
  • «The Lament of Orpheus & «In the Blood» – Hades (Darren Korb)
  • «Adrift» & «Challenging a Queen» – Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical (Austin Wintory)
  • «The Bittersweet Taste of Death» & «Chimes of Midnight» – Necrobarista (Kevin Penkin)
  • «Concert Suite» – Hollow Knight (Christopher Larkin)



  • Orchestra Victoria
  • Vanessa Scammell – Directora
  • Meena Shamaly – Presentador
  • Jessica Wells – Arreglista
  • Austin Wintory – Arreglista
  • Jude Perl – Vocalista
  • Dimitry Shepherd – Vocalista
  • Steven Gates – Vocalista
  • Madison Green – Vocalista