2022-04-23 – 17:10 h

Tras el GRAN éxito del concierto del pasado fin de semana (leer más), Danny Elfman ofrecerá hoy sábado 23 de abril su segundo y último concierto en el festival Coachella 2022. Su show se podrá ver en directo en YouTube de forma gratuita, en el canal 3 del festival (de los tres canales que ofrece con los distintos escenarios), sólo durante unas cuantas horas.

En palabras de Danny Elfman:

 “A few thoughts about Coachella. First of all I want to thank so many of you for sending me your input and support and love and so much positive energy about the performance last Saturday night. WOW! What a fucking night! The most insane I’ve ever had in my long, long life. It was scary to be sure. We worked so hard on this crazy show with no idea if it was even possible put together with a super quick setup on a giant outdoor stage


I had so much uncertainty about how the weird insane musical mash-up was going to play. I had so many nightmares about all the things that could go wrong. And then there we were. I took a bit to settle into the sandstorm that was blowing on us when we took the stage (I wasn’t expecting that!) but once I did it felt so good. I’m so very grateful for the response I’ve been getting all week.


The live sound that our ace mixer Dennie Miller was sending to the audience was great (which was no easy task, believe me) BUT, there’s one thing that is making me unhappy. I don’t feel the live stream broadcast on YouTube represented the music that the audience was hearing at the concert. I wish everyone could come see the show live to get the full experience but since so many of you are watching from the live stream (thank you so much for that) I want to tell you that this upcoming weekend is going to be WAY BETTER. All guitars will be present. Percussion that was missing will be heard. Buried musical parts will return from their graves. And, with a little luck, the true sound of the music will reveal itself as the live audience hears it.


So please tune in to watch the live stream again this weekend and give us a chance to present a more accurate live mix.


And again I’m sending out so much love to all of you right now. What an amazing experience it was … and hopefully will be again this Saturday night.”




Horario aproximado:

  • Sábado 23/4 – 22:00h (PDT) – Los Angeles, Coachella
  • Domingo 24/4 – 1:00h (EDT) – Boston, New York
  • Domingo 24/4 – 6:00h (BST) – UK
  • Domingo 24/4 – 7:00h (CEST) – Europe (Spain, France, Germany…)


  • Sorry (from “Big Mess”)
  • Insects (Oingo Boingo song)
  • “Spider-Man” Main Title
  • Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself) (Oingo Boingo)
  • Just Another Day (Oingo Boingo)
  • Jack’s Lament/This Is Halloween/What’s This? medley (from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”)
  • Breakfast Machine (from “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”)
  • Kick Me (“Big Mess”)
  • Insanity (Oingo Boingo)
  • The “Batman” Theme
  • True (“Big Mess”)
  • “The Simpsons” Main Title Theme
  • Only a Lad (Oingo Boingo)
  • Love in the Time of COVID (“Big Mess”)
  • Ice Dance / The Grand Finale (from “Edward Scissorhands”)
  • Dead Man’s Party (Oingo Boingo)
  • Alice’s Theme (from “Alice in Wonderland”)
  • Happy (“Big Mess”)
  • Who Do You Want to Be (Oingo Boingo)


Enlace del streaming y más información (en la descripción):



Tras terminar las actuaciones del sábado 23, el bloque al completo se retransmitirá una vez más, mientras llegan las trasmisiones del domingo 24, así… ¡disfrutad del GRAN concierto de Danny Elfman antes de que se acabe la oportunidad!


📸 Danny Elfman Facebook Page (link)