2024-03-25 – 12:25 h


Finally, it’s time to celebrate the world’s greatest film composer with a new ENNIO MORRICONE – THE OFFICIAL CONCERT CELEBRATION concert tour. The Prague concert will take place on April 6, 2024, at the O2 arena.


Maestro Ennio Morricone himself began working in 2019 on a new concert production, which was to replace him on world stages. After more than a year of work and preparations, Maestro Morricone, as a curator, completed the entire large concert program. According to his wishes, the brand new concert will also include iconic scenes from the most famous films, lighting effects, and soloists with whom Maestro Morricone has collaborated for many years will perform on stage together with a symphony orchestra and a large choir. His son, Andrea Morricone, will take over the baton to lead the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, a large choir, and World-renowned soloists.


July 6, 2020 Ennio Morricone left us at the age of 91. The big ENNIO MORRICONE – THE OFFICIAL CONCERT CELEBRATION concert tour will pay homage to the Maestro in many European and non-European capitals. The program will be complemented by a large-screen projection, where in addition to well-known film scenes, viewers will also see previously unpublished shots of the legendary composer at work, including interesting interviews.


Ennio Morricone has composed music for more than 500 films and television productions. He has also composed over 100 individual musical works. The new concert program will include the most famous songs from the films Bio Paradise, Then in America, Good and Ugly, Incorruptible and Missions.


“It will be a bittersweet experience, because of course I miss my father very much. But having the opportunity to honor him by conducting a large symphony orchestra and choir playing his phenomenal music is a great and deeply emotional opportunity to meet and celebrate with his fans around the world,” comments Andrea Morricone.


Andrea Morricone is an acclaimed composer and conductor who has worked closely with his father for many years. He and his father won a BAFTA award for The Love Theme from the film Bio Paradise, which he composed. In addition to film music, Andrea Morricone conducts and composes a wide variety of music across genres. Among his most recent works is the theme for World Expo 2015 La Forza Del Sorriso, sung by Andrea Bocelli.