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La 9ª edición del Festival Musimagem Brasil (4-10 dic 2023), ofreció ayer un concierto-gala especial dedicado a la música de sus invitados, que contó con la presencia y la participación de Harry Gregson-Williams y Matthijs Kieboom, y que además celebró la presentación del premio Remo Usai 2023 a Egberto Gismonti


A continuación, os dejamos el vídeo del concierto completo (2h 11m 22s):


Programa del concierto:

1-Illuminated – Egberto Gismonti *

«Iluminada» was the opening theme of the mini series «O Pagador de Promessas». But her success and emotional strength led her to also be included in the soundtrack for the feature film «Chico Xavier». The music is yet another example of the talent of Egberto Gismonti, renowned as a composer and performer in the field of jazz, and who in 2023 will receive recognition for his fundamental work in the soundtrack genre through the Remo Usai Award, granted by Associação Musimagem.


2- The Terminator Theme – Brad Fiedel *

Released in 1984, «The Terminator» was one of the biggest box office winners of that year. The story of the robot from the future whose mission is to prevent the birth of a human leader in the war against machines anticipated many current discussions about artificial intelligence, and received a soundtrack by Brad Fiedel that masterfully moves between electronic and orchestral .


3- Suite Nascenteouvida – Rafael Vicole **


4- Father Brown – Debbie Wiseman **

Already in its eleventh season, the Father Brown series has managed to adapt the stories of the priest created in the 19th century by writer C. K. Chesterton to the taste of today’s audience, who combines police investigation with refined, typically British humor. This approach was perfectly captured by Debbie Wiseman’s musical score.


5- Nobody is You (The L Word: The Generation Q) – Taura Shather McIntosh and Alysson Newman *

The series resumes, ten years later, the stories of the friends who were portrayed in “The L Word”. The three seasons of the new series had a soundtrack composed by Alysson Newman and Heather McIntosh, who currently share the presidency of the organization that brings together women composers from various parts of the world, the Alliance for Women Film Composers.


6- Prelude – Alexey Kurkdjian *


7- The Wall – Sergio Saraceni *

Sérgio Saraceni received the Remo Usai Award in 2021 for his career and significant contribution to the soundtrack genre in Brazil. His music for the series «A Muralha» is exemplary of the richness of his themes and orchestral constructions, always adhering to the narrative power of music in audiovisual productions. In the series, based on the novel by Dinah Silveira de Queiroz, a dramatic story about the Bandeirantes’ incursions into the interior of the country in the mid-17th century in search of gold, land and Indians to be enslaved.


8- Ewoks Suite – Peter M. Bernstein *

The teddy bear appearance of the inhabitants of an extraterrestrial village in «Return of the Jedi» won so much sympathy from the public that they gained exclusive adventures produced for television, but released in cinemas in several countries, including Brazil. The music from the Ewoks films, by effectively mixing the atmosphere of adventure with fantasy, were the first significant hits in the successful career of composer and arranger Peter Bernstein.


9- Captain Marvel – Pinar Toprak *

In «Captain Marvel» an Air Force pilot becomes another heroine in the most famous pantheon of heroes and superheroes in contemporary cinema. Bringing a woman into a group until recently filled only with male characters, the film also did the right thing by inviting a composer, the young Pinar Toprak, to create the music that accompanies the heroine’s adventures.


10- Natura Serenade – Matthijs Kieboom **** 


11- La Vita é Bella – Nicola Piovani *

Nicola Piovani’s music for «Life is beautiful» perfectly captured the delicate border of drama and humor in which the story of the father who tries to preserve his son with poetry and imagination while they are prisoners in a concentration camp moves. Piovani’s score, which set the music for Fellini’s films after Nino Rota’s death, rightfully received the Oscar for Best Original Score.


12- Resurrection – Francisco Mario *

The best-known song by composer Francisco Mario, also known as Chico Mario, who was the brother of cartoonist Henfil and sociologist Betinho. This song was the theme of several films and series such as 3 Irmaos de Sangue, Chico Mario the melody of Freedom and the Betinho series.


13- Women in the front seat – Catherine Joy *****

This award-winning documentary talks about women who ride motorcycles, but who also ride their own lives. Having written the music for almost a hundred productions, composer Catherine Joy, born in Tasmania (Australia), was president of the Alliance of Women Composers.


14- The Gilded Age – Harry Gregson-Williams ***

In «The Gilged Age», the creators of the successful series «Downton Abbey» focused on the stories of families who sought to maintain or increase their fortunes in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. For the series’ soundtrack, Harry Gregson-Williams created music that combines the recreation of the spirit of the time with an expressive dramatic density.


15- Shrek – Harry Gregson-Williams ***

The fun green ogre who reacts when his peaceful refuge is disturbed by the arrival of other fantastic beings was responsible for a sequence of successes in the field of animation. A fundamental element in the franchise’s films was Harry Gregson-Williams’ climactic and humorous musical score.


16- The Narnia Chronicles – Harry Gregson-Williams ***

«Chronicles of Narnia» was already born as a classic of fantasy films. The story is that of brothers who go through a portal to a world full of fantastic beings, where they learn to drive life and grow. Based on the series of books by C. S. Lewis, one of the most relevant names in English literature, the production faced the challenge of bringing to the cinema a book that was already a reference in children’s literature. Sober, delicate, engaging, precious in details, the film was successful in this adaptation, the same adjectives can be applied to Harry Gregson-Williams’ music.


17- The Magnificent Seven Suite (Seven Men and a Destiny) – Elmer Bernstein *

Author of more than two hundred soundtracks, Elmer Bernstein became one of the classic and referential authors in the history of the genre. And the theme of «The Magnificent Seven» went down in history as one of the best-known masterpieces. The music that accompanies the drama and adventure of the group of gunmen trying to protect the inhabitants of a poor village has become inspiration for the soundtracks of countless westerns and action films. Arrangements:


Alexey Kurkdjian *

Rafael Vicole **

Harry Gregson-Williams ***

Matthijs Kieboom ****

Catherine Joy *****


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