2023-06-26 – 12:40 h

Por primera vez en Ucrania, Paul Romero, el genial compositor de la música de la saga de juegos Heroes of Might and Magic, participará en tres conciertos dedicados a su legendaria banda sonora, tocando el piano acompañado por la única orquesta LUMOS Orchestra y el coro Yevshan Choir.


Descripción oficial:

Take a trip back in time: to the days when you spent nights sitting at your computer screen watching dragons fight angels, building magic towers, and searching for the Holy Grail, and your constant companion was beautiful… music.


And listening to music performed by the composer himself is priceless, because who better to understand and convey all its meanings than the creator himself? Moreover, Paul Romero wanted to play his work not only with a classical orchestra, but also with Ukrainian folk instruments, so we created unique arrangements for the project.


In addition, the concert will be decorated with illustrations based on the game by the talented Ukrainian artist Yegor Klyuchnik, who is known for his ultra-detailed posters with hundreds of characters and references to various pop culture themes.


Paul Romero is undoubtedly a true musical prodigy. At the age of 5, Paul was already improvising for hours on the piano, inspired by the hits he heard on the radio, and fell in love with Chopin and Liszt. At 11, he played Mozart with the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. At 13, he composed and performed his first piano concerto with the US National Symphony Orchestra. At 16, he received a scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.


What does this have to do with games? It’s all about a good opportunity. Once, during a party, Paul met Rob King. He was looking for a composer to create music that sounded like it was written 300 years ago. The composing time was a week and the fee was $400. Romero agrees: why not try it and make some extra money? This is how the soundtrack to the first Heroes of Might and Magic was born and the 25-year story begins.


LUMOS Orchestra is the only geek orchestra in Ukraine that, together with its colleagues, the Yevshan Galician Chamber Choir, has been delighting fans of movies, TV shows, cartoons, and video games with themed concerts for over 12 years. Each of their performances is not just a symphony orchestra concert, it is a real show that combines their own original music arrangements, animations by Ukrainian artists, interactive (allowing the audience to influence the course of the concert), scenery and costumes, and, most importantly, powerful drama with a well-told story. And all this together creates fantastic performances that have no analogues in Ukraine!


The musicians of the band are not just artists – they are true fans and experts of the universes to which they dedicate their concerts and their credo – «From fans for fans!». Whether it’s Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or video games – every time it’s an unforgettable show that leaves incredible emotions and is impossible without the most beloved fans.



  • Orquesta – LUMOS Orchestra
  • Solista al piano – Paul Romero (USA)
  • Director de orquesta – Roman Kreslenko
  • Directora artística de la orquesta – Diana Koval
  • Directora artística del coro – Iryna Kreslenko
  • NOTA: LUMOS = L.viv U.nique and M.agical O.rchestra of S.oundtracks 😉



  • Cuándo-1: Lunes 26 de junio de 2023 a las 19:00h
  • Dónde-1: Teatro de Ópera y Ballet de Lviv-Leópolis (Leópolis, Ucrania)
  • Cuándo-2&3: Sábado 1 y domingo 2 de julio de 2023 a las 18:00h
  • Dónde-2&3: ICCA October Palace (Kiev, Ucrania)
  • Entradas: 690-1890 UAH (17-47 €) – https://concert.ua/en/event/heroes


📸 Paul Romero / LUMOS Orchestra