2020-04-28 – 20:25 h

El Festival de Música de Cine de Cracovia – Krakow FMF, continúa el ciclo titulado ‘LIVE FROM THE STUDIO’, renombrado en esta ocasión a ‘Live from MANY STUDIOS’, ya que en esta ocasión ofrecerá un concierto colaborativo especial, donde el compositor polaco Łukasz Targosz estará acompañado por la Let’s Play Together Orchestra, fundada por el propio compositor y actuando desde casa. La orquesta incluye a aficionados y a músicos profesionales, ¡todos reunidos por su amor por la música!


Descripción oficial:



🏠 #StayAtHome and listen to the beautiful premiere of a suite performed by Lukasz Targosz


👉 Music from this coproduction earned him a place on the American Film Academy’s shortlist for Oscar nominations for Best Original Music Score in 2018. He was listed alongside 141 of the finest soundtracks from all over the globe!


👉 Music from “Moomins and the Winter Wonderland” resounds on 2 May at the Facebook Film Music Festival.


👉 “Łukasz Targosz fills the landscape with high, delicate strings, piano, trumpet, triangle and even banjo. He also reaches for the unusual crystal sound of glass harmonica and bells evoking a winter atmosphere. Together with a boys’ choir and the City of Prague Philharmonics Orchestra he has created a beautiful magic fairytale,” writes Anna Józefiak for Presto.


👉 This will be a very special concert, since it will be accompanied by the Let’s Play Together Orchestra, founded by the composer himself and performing from home. The ensemble includes amateurs and professional musicians, brought together by their love of music!


👉 Łukasz Targosz has composed over 70 film and TV Series soundtracks, from arthouse, via animation and mainstream to period dramas. This time, for the first time on the Facebook FMF, he welcomes us into his home to soothe us with beautiful film music.


LIVE FROM THE STUDIO is a brand-new cycle from the Film Music Festival, helping us all #StayAtHome and spend our free time with some of the best film music performed live. On 4 April, we took a peek into Antas Valkov’s studio. The following week, on Sunday 12 April, we visited Aleksander Dębicz, on 19 April – we paid a visit to the studio of Jean Michel Bernard, and most recently we invited Atli Örvarsson on Iceland. The time has now come for Łukasz Targosz!


👉 Premiere 7pm | 3 May | FB FMF


Organisers of the FMF are the City of Kraków, the Kraków Festival Office and RMF Classic.


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Cuándo: Domingo 3 de mayo de 2020 a las 19:00h

Evento Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/233724097858835/

Enlace al vídeo de Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/FestiwalMuzykiFilmowej/


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