2020-05-15 – 21:00 h

El Festival de Música de Cine de Cracovia – Krakow FMF, continúa el ciclo titulado ‘LIVE FROM THE STUDIO’, con un concierto interpretado por el compositor y arreglista Polaco Jan Stokłosa este domingo 17 de mayo a las 19:00h.


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#StayHome and let’s listen to the concert prepared by Jan Stokłosa! After taking trips to London, Iceland and the Netherlands, we’re going on a great musical adventure here at home


That’s right – the same Jan Stokłosa who arranged some of the best tracks we have heard at the Film Music Festival Gala: The Glamorous Show. What’s more, he created branding especially for the concert – and if you’ve seen it, you know it was a blast!


So what will we hear during LIVE from the Studio: Jan Stokłosa?


We’ll experience the thrill of an attempt to rob the Royal Mint of Spain! We’re all familiar with the eight masked robbers led by the mysterious Professor, and now we’ll get a chance to listen to music from the TV drama Money Heist.


We will also hear suites composed by audience favourites Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard: the Golden Globe-winning and BAFTA- and Oscar-nominated The Gladiator!


There will also be music from The Godfather! Nino Rota, author of the music for the entire trilogy based on Mario Puzo’s novels, devised sounds which are perfectly evocative of each individual scene and the atmosphere of the entire film. A true masterpiece! And they live their own lives…


How about Schindler’s List? The soundtrack, composed by John Williams, received several coveted prizes including the American Film Academy Award. But that’s not what’s most important: the key aspect is its status, widely regarded as the pinnacle of Williams’ work – and probably one of the greatest soundtracks of all time!

Still not enough? In that case our composer, arranger, conductor and multi-instrumentalist adds titles such as Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lion King!


We will also hear music from Polskie Drogi – one of Poland’s most popular TV series of the 1970s and 1980s! Sticking around?


LIVE FROM THE STUDIO is a brand-new cycle from the Film Music Festival, helping us all #StayAtHome and spend our free time with the finest live film music. We kicked off on 4 April by visiting Atanas Valkov. The following week, on Sunday 12 April, we visited Aleksander Dębicz, on 19 April we paid a visit to the studio of Jean Michel Bernard, and on 26 April we spent time with Łukasz Targosz. Most recently we were taken on a trip around the Netherlands by Matthijs Kieboom. Now it’s time to visit Jan Stokłosa!


7pm, 17 May


Organisers of the FMF are the City of Kraków, the Kraków Festival Office and RMF Classic.


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Cuándo: Domingo 17 de mayo de 2020 a las 19:00h

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