2024-05-13 – 18:30 h

La 21ª edición de SoundTrack_Cologne (2-5 de julio de 2024) celebrará el miércoles 3 de julio un concierto de cine mudo titulado ‘Silent Film with Live Music – Nasty Women’.


Descripción oficial:

Silent film with live music from Ensemble Garage in the COMEDIA Theater Cologne: Female Comedies is an enjoyable journey of discovery through early film history and presents seven short films by and with women. The project by the Cologne-based Ensemble Garage sheds light on the creativity of women in the pioneering era of film. Directors/actresses such as Florence Turner, Alice Guy-Blaché and Mabel Normand addressed, among other things, the emancipation of women in their films and film roles from 1906 to 1927 and framed the term “women power” with a self-confidence that was outrageous for the time.


New soundtracks by composers living today underline the satirical wit, the cinematic quality and the relevance of these films, most of which are over 100 years old, to our present day. The genre of silent film music, which has been a popular and challenging profession for advanced composers since Arnold Schönberg’s accompaniment to a silent film scene, is being conquered here by a young generation: with Marta Kowalczuk and Brigitta Muntendorf there are prominent voices of the young generation of composers, with Felix Kubin a crosser of boundaries between experimental music, radio plays and club culture.


Theresa Szorek leads the program.


The concert attendance is included in all SoundTrack_Cologne 21 accreditations valid on July 03, 2024.


Individual tickets: https://www.seethesound.de/en/details/?film=Nasty-Women

  • Regular Ticket: 25,00 EUR
  • Students tickets: 15,00 EUR
  • A certificate of matriculation must be shown at the entry.



  • La peur des ombres, F 1912 _Music: Michael Essl
  • Rosalie et son phonographe, F 1911 _Music: Sara Glojnarić
  • La femme collante, F 1906 _Music: Brigitta Muntendorf
  • Madame a des envies, F 1906 _Music: Felix Kubin
  • Les résultats du féminisme, F 1906 _Music: Max Knoth
  • His Trysting Place, USA 1914 _Music: Live Impro Ensemble Garage
  • Should Men Walk Home?, USA 1927 _Music: Marta Kowalczuk


Total duration: approx. 81 minutes plus interval


The film concert evening is a collaboration between ZDF/ARTE, WDR 3, 2eleven music film and SoundTrack_Cologne and will be broadcasted by WDR3. The compositions were commissioned by ZDF/ARTE. The concert is cofunded by Stadt Köln.


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