2024-01-11 – 20:30 h


It is with great pleasure that we present an unforgettable evening in the world of computer games – the Video Game Symphony concert! This unique musical production, presented by Alliance Orchestra under the baton of Andrei Yakushau‘s rock band and choir, will take you on a journey through the amazing sound worlds of your favorite computer games. Get ready for breathtaking melodies that carry incredible dynamics, epicness and emotion.


In the concert program you will hear specially created symphonic arrangements of music from hugely popular games for an unforgettable experience. The sounds of the epic «World of Warcraft» saga will take you to the world of Azeroth, where you will encounter heroic melodies and suspenseful themes. Have you ever felt the magic of «TES: Skyrim»? Now you will have the opportunity to experience it live, while the orchestra and choir bring these iconic compositions to life.


During the concert, you will also be able to enjoy well-known songs from games such as «Dota 2,» «World of Tanks,» «Dark Souls» and «Mortal Kombat.» Energetic rhythms and strong accents will evoke feelings of adventure and adrenaline, filling the room with unique energy.


There will also be soundtracks from titles such as «Assassin’s Creed II», «Assassin’s Creed III», «Metal Gear Solid 2», «Killzone 2», «Killzone 3», «Heroes of Might and Magic III», «Undertale», «Lineage II», «Civilization IV», «Overwatch» and our favorite «Witcher». These compositions will transport you to a variety of worlds where emotion, suspense and the beauty of music are intertwined into one unforgettable experience.


The Alliance Orchestra, along with the choir and rock band, will not only perfectly render the characteristic sounds and themes, but also let you experience them in a whole new way. Each sound will be carefully selected and played with drayage and energy to fully convey the charm of the virtual gaming world. Whether you’re a fan of computer games or just love good music, Video Game Symphony will provide you with an unforgettable audio adventure.


Get ready for an evening full of excitement, excitement and nostalgia, because thanks to the extraordinary performance of the Alliance Orchestra under the baton of conductor and author of the arrangement Andrei Yakushau, you will experience a magical atmosphere at the Auditorium Maximum in Krakow. Be there and immerse yourself in the worlds you know and love!


«World of Warcraft,» «TES: Skyrim,» «Dota 2,» «World of Tanks,» «Dark Souls,» «Mortal Kombat,» «Assassin’s Creed II,» «Assassin’s Creed III,» «Metal Gear Solid 2,» «Killzone 2,» «Killzone 3,» «Heroes of Might and Magic III,» «Undertale,» «Lineage II,» «Civilization IV,» «Overwatch» and «Witcher.»


NOTA: La fecha del evento se ha cambiado del 5.11.2023 al 26.01.2024.


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