2023-08-07 – 18:05 h

The Dolby Institute Podcast ha publicado un vídeo en el que el periodista Jon Burlingame entrevista al compositor Lorne Balfe sobre su partitura para “Mission: Imposible – Dead Reckoning Part One”.


Descripción oficial:

“Scottish composer Lorne Balfe joins us to discuss his incredible original score for the latest addition of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Guest host Jon Burlingame returns to delve into Lorne’s process — including some on-the-fly performances during his interview — and why he so badly wanted to record elements of the soundtrack in so many locations from around the world.


“You sometimes have these choirs [that] have to sing in different languages. And of course they can do it. But it’s just not natural to them. So that was one idea that I had: Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the musicians from that city or from that town be part of this soundtrack? The same way that the crew, and the extras, and the actors are from that environment? Let’s try to incorporate that world into our world.”

—Lorne Balfe, Composer, “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One”


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Vídeo (36m 46s):