2020-05-02 – 21:00 h

En el Episodio 9 de Composer Talks de White Bear PR, Chandler Paul Poling habla con Rachel Portman sobre su próximo álbum ‘Ask the river’ disponible el 8 de mayo de 2020 en Node Records.


En palabras de Rachel Portman:

“I was searching to write something very tender and gentle around the notion of love. Love of the beauty of nature and wildlife, as well as love for human others. It seemed it needed to be very still, which is how it starts and ends and to allow it to be very simple without too many notes – this can be a challenge as it doesn’t want to seem simplistic. The music almost holds its breath at the beginning and then gradually releases and opens out as it progresses. The cellist Caroline Dale brings great tenderness and beauty in her playing. I gave this piece as a gift to my daughter Giulia.”


Vídeo (17m49s):



Single – ‘Leaves and trees’

Single – ‘Much Loved’