Alexandre Desplat – Wiener Symphoniker – Enero 2022

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El compositor Alexandre Desplat dirigirá a la Wiener Symphoniker en el Wiener Musikverein de Viena (Austria) el sábado 29 de enero de 2022 a las 19:30h.

Alexandre Desplat - Wiener Symphoniker - Enero 2022 - Poster


Este será el primero de una serie de conciertos titulada “CINEMA:SOUND”, creada por Tomek Productions, en la que prestigiosos compositores de música de cine dirigirán a la Wiener Symphoniker con su música.

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Las entradas se pusieron a la venta a las 11 horas del martes 12 de octubre de 2021 aquí (precios 31-142 €):


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A continuación, la nota de prensa oficial:

Oscar® and Golden Globe winner Alexandre Desplat conducts The Wiener Symphoniker

Start of a new concert series with the composer of «The Grand Budapest Hotel,» «The King’s Speech» and «Harry Potter


Vienna, Austria. The multiple award-winning Hollywood composer Alexandre Desplat will return to Vienna on January 29, 2022, to conduct a selection of his award-winning screen compositions in the Great Hall of the Wiener Musikverein as part of CINEMA:SOUND.


With the new concert series CINEMA:SOUND of The Wiener Symphoniker, the renowned orchestra in cooperation with Tomek Productions wants to enchant the audience in the historic ambience of the Wiener Musikverein with contemporary film music.


After all, it was the Orchestra The Wiener Symphoniker that not only celebrated the compositions of Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss or Arnold Schönberg in their Musikverein concerts, but also paid homage to the works of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, who later founded the Hollywood sound in the tradition of his predecessors.


Now it´s up to the French-born composer to bring the world of Hollywood back to the very birthplace of the Hollywood sound. «It is a great honor for me to conduct that Orchestra that has worked with my musical idols,» says Desplat, who was awarded the «Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award» in Vienna in 2016.


For Jan Nast, artistic director of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, the establishment of the new film music series CINEMA:SOUND is long overdue: «Working with film music and its composers has accompanied The Wiener Symphoniker since its earliest history. Film music is part of our DNA and I am glad that we can now present contemporary film music to our audience at the Wiener Musikverein.»


Audiences can expect a musical journey into the fantastically absurd film story of Wes Anderson’s «The Grand Budapest Hotel,» the magical world of «Harry Potter,» the topsy-turvy world of «Benjamin Button,» and they’ll experience a king getting tongue-tied in «The King’s Speech.» Even without ever having seen any of the original films, this concert evening for sure will create its own cinema in mind thanks to Alexandre Desplat’s mesmerizing music. «I am delighted that Alexandre has accepted our invitation to launch this unique concert series,» said Sandra Tomek, artistic director of the concert series.


Tickets are available beginning at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12, at,, or


Alexandre Desplat, who has been intensively involved with the Sound of Hollywood since his early years, has meanwhile composed more than 170 film scores himself. With two Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Awards each and numerous nominations, he has become a regular guest at the most important award ceremonies. Thanks to his sophisticated and subtle approach to composing music, he is highly regarded by internationally acclaimed directors such as Wes Anderson, George Clooney, Stephen Frears, Ang Lee, Roman Polanski, Terrence Malick and Jacques Audiard.


In addition to composing, Alexandre Desplat regularly conducts Orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.”