Krakow FMF 2020 – Festival pospuesto a 2021

El famoso Festival de Música de Cine de Cracovia – Krakow FMF, que se iba a celebrar del martes 26 de mayo al lunes 1 de junio de 2020 (leer más), se ha visto obligado a posponer su 13ª edición al 25-30 de mayo de 2021, debido a las cuarentenas provocadas por la pandemia del Coronavirus COVID-19.

Krakow FMF 2020 - Festival pospuesto a 2021


Anuncio oficial:


Dear Fans, Artists, Partners, Friends and Volunteers !

The international community is being confronted with one of the biggest global challenges, which is the struggle to control the COVID-19 pandemic. We are being put through a test of our solidarity and ability to cooperate. We are constantly analysing all the information, monitoring the situation and cooperating with the services.


We would like to express solidarity with all those who have been directly and indirectly affected by the pandemic and with those who help others by putting their lives and health at risk. We wish to join our thoughts with representatives of the cultural sector, festivals, creators, artists, as well as with all our partners and subcontractors, to whom the current times are also those of great professional uncertainty.


We have thoroughly analyzed the risks associated with the organization of the Krakow Film Music Festival in May 2020. Due to the relatively short time to its realisation, we have made the only decision possible – to move the festival and the implementation of the planned program to 25-30 May 2021.


Krakow Film Music Festival is a complex structure of several dozen of musical projects, compositions, premiered suites and other symphonic forms that are created especially for its audience. It is also a powerful production, advanced in the sphere of using the latest technology and stage technique, as well as organizing the audience and ensuring their safety. Such large and rich in logistics projects for tens of thousands of people, in the face of the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, are not feasible at the last minute and at any time. They require multiple months of preparation in the group of several hundred people.


As a festival, we have experienced many difficult moments in the past. There were financial difficulties, the spectre of canceling one of the events, natural disasters: floods or storms. Therefore, we can say that we are battle-hardened in facing the most difficult challenges. Each time we were able to respond in time, and you supported our efforts. Your gratitude and loyalty have been and still are the greatest reward for us. However, we are not able to meet the current crisis. Being aware of the great impact FMF has on you – the fans – we cannot sit on this decision any longer. We have started discussions with all the artists involved in the 13th edition to confirm their availability next year. We strive to implement the entire planned programme and we certainly want to strengthen it with additional ideas about which we will keep you informed.


Our discussions with the artists are still in progress, yet at this point we can ensure that we are moving the entire Festival’s programme to 2021 with one exception – Stranger Things concert, in which case the confirmation remains yet an unresolved issue. We will keep you updated on the arrangements with the artists. However, this year we have a surprise for you in the teeth of this situation – the 13th FMF online which will take place in May on Facebook and RMF Classic. According to the plan, the ‘Polish Soundtrack of the Year 2019’ and ‘FMF Young Talent Award 2020’ competitions will be resolved there. The winners will perform their award-winning suites during the 14th FMF in 2021. Unfortunately, we are forced to postpone granting of both, the Kilar Award and the FMF Ambassador Award for next year.


A great community of loyal fans has been created around the Krakow Film Music Festival in the last couple of years. Knowing how important FMF is to you, we can assure you that we will do everything to make the 2021 edition match your wildest expectations and dreams. We wish you and your loved ones health. At the same time, we join the # StayHome appeal and, by the same token, encourage you to you contact us in the virtual space. Let the film music live on as long as it is listened to.


Let us be together now and next year! # togetherwithFMF


Organisers and FMF staff

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Es una verdadera lástima que no tengamos una nueva edición del Festival de Música de Cine de Cracovia – Krakow FMF en 2020, ya que este festival es la mayor celebración de música de cine en el mundo, ofreciendo múltiples conciertos, clases magistrales y posibilidades de encuentro para los miembros de la industria y fans por igual. De hecho, la gran acogida del festival se ha podido ver en que hasta la fecha, muchas de las entradas para los conciertos de la edición de este año ya estaban agotadas.


SoundTrackFest respalda plenamente la decisión del festival y estará preparada para informar de las novedades que surjan y colaborar en la edición del próximo año. Esperemos que el estupendo programa que se anunció para 2020 pueda mantenerse o incluso mejorarse para 2021 (leer más).


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