SoundTrack_Cologne 20 – Nominados al European Talent Competition y al Peer Raben Music Award

SoundTrack_Cologne celebra su 20ª edición del 20 al 23 de junio de 2023. A continuación, se pueden ver los nominados al European Talent Competition y al Peer Raben Music Award. Los ganadores se darán a conocer en la ceremonia de entrega de premios, que tendrá lugar el 23 de junio en el Teatro Comedia de Colonia.



The EUROPEAN TALENT COMPETITION offers a platform especially for young talents.


The participants had the task to either compose the film music or to create the sound design for the short film «Reunify» (directed by Mette Tange & Peter Smith) or to re-score the film in a team of composer and sound designer.


Fiftteen composers and sound designers are nominated for the EUROPEAN TALENT AWARD. The winners will be announced at the festive awards ceremony on June 23 at the Comedia Theater.


The nominees (in alphabetical order):

Dorian Bonnardel (Score), Camille Borrelly (Sound design) & Guillaume Demore (Score), Hernan Castro Fioravanti (Score), Marco Falcon Medrano (Sound design), Johann Grillenbeck (Score), Emily Hawkins (Score), Daniel Heinemann (Score), Thomas Judge (Score), Michael Kaspar (Score), Martin Lemoine (Score), Louison Pugin (Sound design), Arezou Rezaei (Score), Pavel Sitnikov (Sound design), Tran Quoc Kim Vu (Sound design).


The Competition Screening will take place on Friday, June 23 at 10:30 at Turistarama cinema.


The nominees and their new scores for «Reunify» will be presented to audience and jury under the moderation by Yati Durant.


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The Jury members will be:

  • Jessica de Rooij (Composer, Jury President)
  • Peter Licht (Indie pop musician, writer PeterLicht (official))
  • Johannes Rexin (Film producer)
  • Corinna Rottschy (WDR Funkhausorchester, Manager WDR Funkhausorchester)
  • Klaus Waßen-Floren (Sound designer, TORUS sound mixing studio Torus GmbH, Filmtonpostproduktion)


The winner of the WDR FILMSCORE AWARD will have the opportunity to record an original composition of 7 – 9 minutes’ length with the WDR Funkhausorchester – for many young composers this could be their first opportunity to record with a large orchestra and begin filling out their film-scoring calling card.


The winner for the best SOUND DESIGN will receive a 5.1 cinematic mix down in the prestigious sound mixing studio TORUS GmbH.


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SoundTrack_Cologne 20 - European Talent Competition


The PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD honors the Best Original Music in a Short Film. The winner receives a prize money of 1,500 euros. First presented in 2009, the award commemorates the great German film composer Peer Raben.


This year, six film scores from six outstanding short films have been nominated for the award, all chosen through their innovative approach and dramaturgically coherent use of music and sound in relation to the narration.


The nominees are:

  • Jan Willem de With for ABIA by Sam Nutt, United Kingdom
  • Ros Gilman for THE LAST CLOUDWEAVER by Anna-Ester Voloz, United Kingdom
  • Lukas Günther for DRUD by Florian Ecker, Germany
  • Ana Krstajic for JOS JEDAN DAN / ONE MORE DAY by Radivoje Bukvic, Serbia
  • Jonathan Laskar for THE RECORD by Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland
  • Rens Machielse & Willem Schneider for BALCONY CACOPHONY by Quentin Haberham, Netherlands


The short films include stories about violence against women in the Middle East, about a magic record that reads the soul and plays memories, about the friendship of a young girl and her wise old dragon, about a neighborhood dispute as a musical feud that shakes the balconies of the disputants, about loneliness in old age and about a mysterious creature from Alpine folklore.


These seven composers are nominated for the PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD and will present themselves with their film scores for their films at the competition screening on June 23 at 14:30 at Turistarama.


To attend the screening you either need a valid accreditation for Friday, June 23 (for details click > here) or a single ticket for the screening, which you can buy by > clicking this link.


The winner will be announced at the festive awards ceremony on June 23 at 19:00 at the COMEDIA Theater.


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SoundTrack_Cologne 20 - Peer Raben Music Award


Additionally, there’s a third competition in SoundTrack_Cologne: SEE THE SOUND, dedicated to all forms of motion pictures, that visualize music and sound. Music documentaries, feature films with focus on music like biopics about musicians or bands, documentaries about concerts, portraits of composers, portraits of bands, or music videos may be submitted.


Since its inception, SoundTrack_Cologne grew from a festival and conference program into Europe’s leading platform for music and sound in film, games, TV, and multimedia in general. With SEE THE SOUND SoundTrack_Cologne offers a platform for outstanding films about music to be presented on the big screen.


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