2023-12-22 – 12:00 h

After a successful series of concerts dedicated to the music of John Williams, Overlook Events comes with a new production: “Tribute to John Williams: A Star Symphony” which will debut on July 9, 2024, in Lyon, France.


Official description:

“The John Williams concert by the Overlook Events team, which has been exported all over the world, returns in a daring formula: to offer a complete concert of the sagas composed by the maestro with musical suites from the most iconic saga of cinema history: Star Wars.


Whether it is the search for forgotten civilizations, the fight against the absolute mail or the rebirth of dinosaurs, adventure cinema has offered the most beautiful scores of the seventh art for decades. John Williams, unforgettable composer of Star Wars and Harry Potter, is the one whose name rhymes best with the spirit of adventure and magic, especially with his work with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.


Faithful to the original compositions through official scores interpreted with the kind authorization of John Williams, John Williams: Star Symphony invites you to relive the most beautiful music from the Star Wars movies, including Solo and Obi-Wan Kenobi!


“John Williams” name and program authorized with the courtesy of his legal representative.”




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