2020-05-03 – 20:10 h

The director of the Ace Combat video game saga, Kazutoki Kono, and its main composer Keiki Kobayashi have proposed to fans, through their respective twitter accounts (@kazutoki & @keikikobayashi), to create covers of the main theme of the video game Ace Combat 7, with the sole intention of having fun and showing their talent performing the piece with their own instruments/music composition programs, in these days of confinement at home.


Official message:






Dear to all our ACE fans, https://twitter.com/keikikobayashi


This piece is the Main Theme of ACE COMBAT 7 (piano ver.) performed by main composer, Keiki Kobayashi.


To all you music players out there, would you like to try this song out as well? Use #ACE7Music in Twitter and post your rendition of this piece! We are looking forward to seeing your performances!


Link to the score: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWqxGkWUEAAdqgS?format=jpg&name=large


As a reference, Keiki Kobayashi has played a piano version, which can be watched here:

Ace Combat 7 – Main Theme – Skies Unknown


At the following link you can also download the score with the leitmotif:



The video was published on April 27, and countless versions have already been uploaded with the twitter hashtag #ACE7Music.


My 5 favorites so far would be the following:







Let’s see if some talented Spanish musician represents us and uploads a new version, for example with a flamenco guitar!


News by Tony Alicante Spain