2020-05-15 – 19:45 h

‘SCORE: The Podcast’ continues its 3rd season with British composer David Arnold, who talks about the benefits of having his studio inside AIR Studios in London, why a record store clerk might be the reason he got his first James Bond film, how he wrote the theme from Independence Day in a dream, and the pressure of being music director for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.


AUDIO – Full episode (1h 30m 39s):


VIDEO – David Arnold on the networking benefits of AIR Studios (1m 26s):


VIDEO – David Arnold wrote Independence Day theme in a dream (1m 48s):


VIDEO – David Arnold vividly remembers the immense pressure of Independence Day (5m 59s):


VIDEO – After 2012 London Summer Games, David Arnold turned down future Olympics (4m 28s):


VIDEO – James Bond composer David Arnold reveals how he really got the 007 gig (5m 53s):


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