Stelvio Cipriani – In Memoriam

(20-Aug-1937 / 1-Oct-2018 – 81 years old)


Italian composer Stelvio Cipriani, has died today, October 1st, at 81 years old. With more than 240 soundtracks in his career, Cipriani was especially prolific in the 70s, where he composed almost half of his works, with an average of more than 10 soundtracks per year.

One of Cipriani’s most famous scores is The Great Kidnapping (La polizia sta a guardare, 1973), with the main theme recycled by Cipriani in 1977 for Tentacles (Tentacoli, 1977), and which came back to the attention of the public in 2007 with the Quentin Tarantino film, Death proof.