Jerry Goldsmith Awards – XII Edition – Nominees

Last week the nominees for this year’s Jerry Goldsmith Awards, which are on their twelfth (XII) edition, were announced by their organizers: BSOSpirit association (read news).


These veterans awards, which have a long and established trajectory through film music festivals such as Ubeda, Cordoba and Malaga (MOSMA), have the aim to recognize the work of composers in the audiovisual sector (film, television, advertising or other media), especially those who despite having a career, have not obtained the deserved recognition (follow link).


Curiously in this edition, which has had the participation of 185 composers with 387 works presented, we can see renowned composers with a long career, as well as composers who have already won an Oscar (Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, Justin Timberlake, Mark Isham, Nicholas Britell, Daniel Pemberton or Jeff Russo).


The Jerry Goldsmith Awards are divided in eight categories; free creation form, original song, promotion & advertising, television & web series, documentary, videogame, short feature film and long feature film, plus a ninth additional category for best composer of each edition chosen among all participants.


This is the complete list of nominees:


Charles-Henri Avelange “Commandment of Valour”

Josue Bea “In The Green Field”

Arturo Cardelús “Grace”

Pablo Pareja “Voyage Sur L’infini”

Kim Planert “Solas”

Isabel Royán “El Globulo de Bok”

Gloria Villanueva “Flashback Suite”

Simon Webster “The Silk Route”

Alan Williams “Oceans”

Alex Wurman “Morning of Frost”



Gary Clark “Drive it Like You Stole it” (from the film “Sing Street”)

David García “Song of the Sea” (from the videogame “Rime”)

Siddhartha Khosla “We Can Always Come Back to This” (from TV Series “This is Us”)

Kim Planert & Nikola Bedingfield “Running On Believing” (from documentary film “Skidrow Marathon”)

David Richert & Caroline Adler “One Single Rose” (from film “König Laurin”)

Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling” (from film “Trolls”)



Carla F. Benedicto “Demoreel Maskeline”

Andrea Boccadoro “Nature, Her Majesty”

Jake Monaco “Rogue One ATBL”

Romain Paillot “Laurette Fuguain”

Jorge Puig “Breath Magic”

Luigi Pulcini “Trailer for Deserted”

Julie Reier “Do No Harm”

Mark Sayfritz “Overcome KP NBA”

Luc Suárez “Roca Centenario”

Josue Vergara “Un Mundo sin Abuelo”



Carlos José Álvarez “Of Mind and Music”

Christine Aufderhaar “Polizeiruf 110”

Tim Davies “Trollhunters”

ESKMO “13 Reasons Why”

Mark Isham “Once Upon a Time – 6th Season”

Alexandre Lessertisseur – “Glacé”

Mac Quayle – “Feud: Joan & Bette”

Matteo Messina “Graves – 1st Season”

Jeff Russo “Fargo – 3rd Season”

Alex Wurman “The Patriot”



Ian Hultquist  “Silicon Cowboys”

Ian & Sofia Hultquist “The First Monday in May”

Frank Ilfman “Killing Girls”

Iván Palomares “Pacifico”

Heitor Pereira “Sonic Sea”

David Reyes “America’s Great War 1917-1918”

Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Mogwai & Gustavo Santaolalla “Before the Flood”

Scott Salinas “The Ivory Game”

Niklas Schmidt “ The Arctic Giant”

Alan Williams “Moving Art: Angkor Wat”



Jeff Broadbent & Dynamedion “Champions of Anteria”

Stephen Cox & Danny McIntire “Farpoint”

Joris De Man & The Flight “Horizon Zero Dawn”

David García “Rime”

Grant Kirkhope “Yooka-Laylee”

Samuel Laflamme “Outcast II”

Chad Seiter “ReCore”

Dom Shovelton “The Bunker”

James Therrien “Rain World”

Yeanni Van Der Tiesen “Seasons After Fall”



Segun Akinola “Dear Mr. Shakespeare”

Carla F. Benedicto “Miss Wamba”

Andrea Boccadoro “The Big Crunch”

Rebecca Dale “The Light Refracts Into the Shadows”

Stuart Hancock “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt”

Jerome Leroy “Charlie’s Supersonic Glider”

Iván Palomares “Home Sweet Home”

Orlando Perez Rosso “Wishing Box”

Isabel Royán “La Verónica”

Pablo Croissier “El Astronauta”



Nicholas Britell “Moonlight”

Jamie Christopherson “American Wrestler”

Nicolas Errera “Mountain Cry”

Franziska Henke “Nellys Abenteuer”

Philippe Jakko “Le Coeur in Braille”

Vicente Ortiz Gimeno “Cuerpos de Élite”

Daniel Pemberton “Gold”

Nicklas Schmidt “A Conspiracy of Faith”

Arnau Vila “Las Furias”

Jay Wadley “Indignation”


The final winners will be announced Friday July 7th during the Gala Awards Ceremony in MOSMA festival (Movie Score Malaga) to be held from 5 to 9 of July 2017, although winners of the categories Promotion & Advertising, Original Song and Free Creation Form will be announced in the previous weeks in BSOSpirit.


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