2023-04-04 – 9:50 h

La Brno Philharmonic dirigida por el compositor Jan Valta, ofrecerá un concierto especial este jueves 6 de abril en Praga con la música original del videojuego “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” mientras se proyectan imágenes en una gran pantalla. El concierto contará con la participación del coro Masaryk University Choir y el cuarteto de trovadores Bakchus.


Descripción oficial:

Experience the unique atmosphere of medieval Czechia. The untouched nature, the walls of grand castles and the glorious majesty of their rulers, but also the blood, dirt and stench. Clashes of swords and the cries of their victims, left in the wake of a bloody uprising against the rule of Sigismund of Luxembourg, keep ringing in your head, and it calls for vengeance and justice. A dark destiny, a cold sorrow and adrenaline pumping through the veins, underlined by an unforgettable musical experience.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance is without a doubt one of the most ambitious pieces of Czech culture. Creating a medieval RPG, set in the 15th century Czech lands, with a heavy emphasis on realism, both in combat and the social conditions of this historical period, was no easy task. Yet Warhorse Studios succeeded in their ambitions, selling more than a million copies within the first week, and their game continues reaping critical acclaim to this day.


A key element of this success was undoubtedly the soundtrack, composed by the incredible Jan Valta and Adam Sporka. The musical score, recorded by a symphonic orchestra in Prague’s Rudolfinum, is capable of quickly adapting to the rhythm of the game, and this concert will be no exception.


The player is accompanied in this way by a beautiful period soundtrack with Gregorian chants, pub songs, and war drums in the game sound according to the principle of so-called adaptive music. In practice, this means that the individual audio tracks are divided into several parts. They are able to move smoothly into each other, thus responding to changes in the game situation without the player hearing noticeably that one song “ends” and the other “begins”. This creates a dynamic and intense gaming experience, which undoubtedly played a significant role in the success of the game.


The orchestral part of the performance will be performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Jan Valta. Vocally accompanying the orchestra will be the talented Masaryk University Choir. The experience will then be complemented by four troubadours from the Bakchus formation, which, in collaboration with Adam Sporka, recorded medieval songs that are played in the play. The concert will take place in the spirit of the mentioned method of adaptive music, and therefore the performance will be accompanied by an audiovisual track with key scenes from the play. So fans of the game and medieval music really have something to look forward to.


The theme of video games is definitely no stranger to the Brno Philharmonic, which has already been done by several concerts with music from the legendary game series Mafia. The last time fans of the series met in Brno’s Špilberk, where the concert was performed by actor Marek Vašut. He dubbed the main character of the first part of the series and repeated his role in a recent reworking called Mafia: Definitive Edition.


The concerts of the soundtracks of both games are organized by the GameDev Area initiative, which already has several events of a similar format. Thanks to her, the Polish band Percival, for example, visited Brno and took part in the soundtrack to the world-famous game The Sorcerer 3 and prepared a spectacular Wild Hunt Live show for its fans.



  1. Warhorse Logo
  2. Skalitz 1403
  3. Feasts of Rattay
  4. Talmberg
  5. Fist Fight
  6. Return to Skalitz
  7. Till Our Heads Turn White
  8. Landscapes (from OST Atmospheres)
  9. Beer and Women
  10. Undercover & Battle of Pribyslawitz
  11. Sassau (the music of Sassau monastery + river Sassau)
  12. Poverty and Famine
  13. Battle of Talmberg
  14. Things Worth Living For
  15. Jablíčko (Theresa’s song from the DLC «A Woman’s Lot»)
  16. People of the Land


Cuándo: Jueves 6 de abril de 2023 a las 19:00h

Duración del concierto: 120 minutos

Dónde: O2 Universum (Praga, República Checa)

Entradas: 1190-1990 CZK (51-85 €) – https://game-access.com/music/kcd-prague-2023/

Evento Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/692968968382113/


NOTA: Las entradas para la fecha original del 5 de febrero de 2022 siguen siendo válidas para la nueva fecha del 6 de abril de 2023 y no es necesario canjearlas.