Apulia Soundtrack Awards – 3ª edición – Programa detallado

La 3ª edición de los Apulia Soundtrack Awards, Festival Internacional de Bandas Sonoras que tiene lugar en Carovigno, Puglia, Italia del 4 al 6 de julio de 2024, ha anunciado su programa completo de clases magistrales y conciertos.


Entre los invitados de honor de este año se encuentran Diane Warren, Pino Donaggio, Sean Callery, Jean-Michel Bernard, Gabriel Marini, David Imbault, Valeria Altobelli y Ray Costa.

Apulia Soundtrack Awards - 3ª edición - Programa detallado



Como en ediciones anteriores, el festival tendrá un programa de 3 días con clases magistrales, conciertos y entrega de premios.


Thursday, July 4 2024

  • 10:30h – «Story telling & film score – Think more like a filmmaker” – Andy Hill / Denis Furne
  • Masterclass with the emerging composers & professionals (90 minutes)
  • Castle of Carovigno


  • 16:30h – «Scene-Reading for composers – Get to the heart of a scene » – Andy Hill / Denis Furne
  • Masterclass with the emerging composers & professionals (90 minutes)
  • Castle of Carovigno


  • 21 :00h – Concert: “Meddley of film scores and songs” + Honorary Awards
  • Presentation of our guests: Valeria Altobelli –Jean Michel Bernard – Sean Callery – Gabriel Marini & David Imbault
  • Castle of Carovigno


Friday, July 5 2024

  • 10:30h – «Composing international scores » – Sean Callery / Jean Michel Bernard / Denis Furne / Cyril Morin
  • Masterclass with the emerging composers & professionals (90 minutes)
  • Castle of Carovigno


  • 16:30h – «Songs in movies» Ray Costa and Diane Warren / Denis Furne / David Imbault / Gabriel Marini
  • Masterclass with the emerging composers & professionals (90 minutes)
  • Castle of Carovigno


  • 21 :00h – Concert: Tribute to Diane Warren
  • Life time achievement to Diane Warren.
  • Best contribution to film score awards
  • Castle of Carovigno


Saturday, July 6 2024

  • 10:30h – «Q& A with festival guests» – Moderated by Ray Costa and Cyril Morin
  • Emerging composers, professionals and press.
  • Castle of Carovigno


  • 21:00h – “Award ceremony” + Concert: A piano duel: Sean Callery / Jean Michel Bernard
  • Lifetime achievement award to Pino Donaggio
  • Emerging composer awards
  • International composer of the year
  • Italian Composer of the year
  • Castle of Carovigno



  • Daniel Pemberton – Spider-man: Across The Spiderverse
  • Michael Giacchino – Society of Snow
  • Laura Karpman – American Fiction
  • Anthony Willis – Saltburn



  • Fabio Massimo Capogrosso per Rapito
  • Santi Pulvirenti per L’ultima notte di Amore
  • Andrea Fari per Io Capitano
  • Franco Piersanti per Il Sol dell’avvenire


Apulia Soundtrack Awards (ASA) tiene como objetivo promover una comunidad internacional de compositores de cine, profesionales de la industria cinematográfica y asociaciones culturales locales que apoyen el arte de la música de cine.


ASA quiere promover a los compositores cinematográficos italianos e internacionales emergentes y contribuir activamente al estudio de esta forma de arte mediante la organización de seminarios, clases magistrales y talleres de música de cine.


ASA también desarrolla iniciativas para la educación a través de clases magistrales y la presentación de películas para jóvenes.


Nota de prensa oficial:




Apulia Soundtrack Award nominees for Composer of The Year (Intl) include Daniel Pemberton, Michael Giacchino, Anthony Willis and Laura Karpman (Carovigno – Apulia, Italy May 2, 2024) The Apulia Soundtrack Awards & Festival returns for a third edition to celebrate legends, premier composers, and award the finest creators of music for film on July 4 – 6 at the Dentice Castle in Frasso. The Apulia Soundtrack awards will be presented to Composer of the year (Italy) and Composer of the year (International) on July 6, the nominees are listed below. The festival will recognize legendary songwriter Diane Warren and Maestro Pino Donaggio will receive the Apulia Lifetime Achievement Award. Other honorees include Sean Callery (24) and John Michel Bernard (The Science of Sleep).


A special Diane Warren tribute concert will feature many of the hit songs of the Grammy, Golden Globe winning and 15 time Oscar nominated songwriter. The songs with be performed by Valeria Altobelli. Warren’s iconic songs include «Unbreak My Heart» (Tony Braxton), “Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (Starship), «Till it Happens To You» (Lady Gaga), “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” (Aerosmith) and “Io Si” (Laura Pausini). Other artists Warren has collaborated with include Cher, Céline Dion, Beyoncé, DeBarge and Whitney Houston. During the evening dedicated to Diane Warren, Valeria Altobelli will perform some of her songs, after her collaboration that she saw them together in the making of the song «I’m standing with you».


For the Italian panorama, a special lifetime achievement award will be presented to Maestro Pino Donaggio for his countless success from films including Brian De Palma’s «Blow up», «Dressed to Kill», «Body Double». After his greatest success «Io che non vivo», he worked first for Elvis Presley and then for Dario Argento, Nicholas Roeg, Joe Dante, Terrence Hill, Roberto Benigni. Michele Placido, Pupi Avati and many others.


Valeria Altobelli, renowned singer, actress and television presenter, will present her latest original song «Isolation».


Another tribute will be given to Sean Callery, composer of the series “24”, “Jessica Jones”, “Homeland” for his incredible career in cinema and television.


The film composer Jean Michel Bernard returns («The Science of Sleep» directed by Michel Gondry, musician of Ray Charles), a special album is in the works, a tribute to film masters including Lalo Schifrin and Jerry Goldsmith.


Together, Sean Callery and Jean Michel Bernard will perform a piano duet (or duel) that debuted at the Steinway showroom in Los Angeles.


Gabriel Marini and David Imbault, both film composers (Implanted), return for an encore performance of «Songs for Cinema.»


Apulia Soundtrack Awards will be hosted by Radio Ciccio Riccio’s presenter Marcello Biscosi.


During the festival, two Lifetime Achivement Awards, two Honorary Awards and a « Major Contribution to the Art of Film Music and Sound» award will also be awarded. The ten finalists will also be chosen for the «Best Emerging Composer”.


This year the Masterclass will be supervised by Andy Hill and long time international publisher and producer Denis Furne and partner with his company EMF of the Apulia Soundtrack Awards since 2023.


Last year, Justin Hurwitz won the international composer award for “Babylon” (directed by Damian Chazelle) and Fabio Massimo Capogrosso won the Italian award for “Esterno Notte” (directed by Marco Bellocchio), and a special award was given to Simon Franglen for his outstanding work for “Avatar, the Way of Water” (Directed by James Cameron).


SoundTrackFest asistirá y participará en Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2024, y os traerá información puntual y detallada desde Carovignio, Pulia este mes de julio.


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