Camille Awards 2024 – Miriam Cutler – Premio ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’

La compositora estadounidense Miriam Cutler recibirá el Premio ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ edición 2024 de los Camille Awards, que se celebrará el 13 de noviembre de 2024 en la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) de París, Francia.

Camille Awards 2024 - Miriam Cutler - Premio ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’


Comunicado oficial:

ECSA is delighted to announce that Miriam Cutler (US) will be presented with an Outstanding Contribution Award at the 2024 edition of the Camille Awards. Ms. Cutler will be honoured in recognition of her long and exceptional career both as a composer and an outstanding advocate for inclusivity in the world of film music.


Chris Smith, member of the Camille Awards Steering Group, says: “With this award, we wish to acknowledge and celebrate Miriam’s illustrious career as a composer of many outstanding scores for both feature and documentary films as well as her groundbreaking work as a champion of female film composers, most especially as co-founder of the Alliance for Women Film Composers, in an industry in which women are still highly underrepresented. Moreover, her work as an educator, sharing her knowledge and experience, has been invaluable for many composers in the early stages of their careers”.


In receiving this award, Miriam Cutler joins a select group of distinguished composers, including Maestro Ennio Morricone, who received the award in 2020.


This year, the Camille Awards will take place on 13th November at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, France. During the ceremony, the achievements of European film composers will also be celebrated in three categories: “Best Original Film Score”, “Best Original Music for a Drama Series” and “Best Original Score for a Feature Documentary”. The shortlist of nominees in these categories will be announced imminently.


The Camille Awards are organised with the support of Creative Europe.


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