Nominados Harpa Award 2020 – Anders Niska y Klas Wahl – Suecia

SoundTrackFest, en colaboración con Nordic Film Music Days, os trae una serie de artículos exclusivos con videos de los nominados para los premios Harpa Award 2020.

Nordic Film Music Days

El tercer video es sobre los compositores suecos Anders Niska y Klas Wahl, nominados por su banda sonora para ‘Balloons over Babylon’ de Folke Rydén.



​As an artist or composer you struggle all the time composing and creating. Sometimes everything flows and at other times you are just stuck. When I got the news about this nomination I was working very hard but I came nowhere. All of a sudden everything changed! It means a lot to us and it shows that we are doing something right!


It’s the relationship with people like Folke Rydén and other creative filmmakers that makes it fun. When you bring something to the table or try to push things from your comfort zone, you need trust. I think we got that in Balloons Over Babylon. So to get nominated is just so much more than the music for us.

Anders Niska and Klas Wahl.”


Comentario de Folke Rydén, director y productor de ‘Balloons over Babylon’:

​​Anders and Klas are great to work with because they are not only professional composers but also two very empathetic and compassionate individuals. Their feelings for the story and the main character hugely enhanced the score. The music in the film plays a vital part of making Balloons over Babylon such an extraordinary feel-good documentary.


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Entrevista, cámara y edición por Tine Louise Kortermand


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