Nominados Harpa Award 2020 – Gyða Valtýsdóttir – Islandia

SoundTrackFest, en colaboración con Nordic Film Music Days, os trae una serie de artículos exclusivos con videos de los nominados para los premios Harpa Award 2020.

Nordic Film Music Days

El primer video es sobre la compositora islandesa Gyða Valtýsdóttir, nominada por su banda sonora para la película ‘Mihkel’.



The score of the film Mihkel by Gyða Valtýsdóttir forms an integral part and can even be described as the lynchpin of the film. Gyða manages to create her own powerful sonic identity, which serves the story perfectly, while elevating the whole film. In a story based on dark and true events, the music adds to the film a more human and warmer feeling. Gyda also brilliantly succeeds with her music to build a bridge between the two worlds where the story takes place, Iceland and Estonia.


Comentario de Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon, director de Mihkel:

From the first day that I meet Gyda, 15 years ago, I felt that she was a musical genius and I was just waiting for the right moment for us to collaborate. Filmmaking is a huge marathon and it was many years later when I had written this script Mihkel when I saw her again. By total accident I went to a concert by Gyda. There she was performing like a beautiful creature from an unknown planet, this was the sound and mood I had been looking for. I asked her after the concert if we could meet for a coffee, due to that I had a film coming up. I gave her the script, she liked it and then the real work began. It was wonderful to work with her, so amazing, she is a hard working composer full of beautiful ideas, and here we are today.


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Entrevista, cámara y edición por Tine Louise Kortermand


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