Roma FMF 2023 – Concierto ‘The Wonderful World of John Williams – An Intimate Celebration’

Roma Film Music Festival, que celebrará su 2ª edición del sábado 30 de septiembre al domingo 8 de octubre de 2023, ha anunciado un nuevo concierto ‘Il Meraviglioso Mondo di John Williams – The Wonderful World of John Williams – An Intimate Celebration’, que tendrá lugar el domingo 1 de octubre en el Auditorium Conciliazione de Roma, Italia.

Roma FMF 2023 - ‘The Wonderful World of John Williams - An Intimate Celebration’


El concierto, producido por Robert Townson, será interpretado por Sara Andon (flauta), Simone Pedroni (piano) y Cecilia Tsan (violonchelo).

Roma FMF 2023 - ‘The Wonderful World of John Williams - An Intimate Celebration’


Descripción oficial:

“Imagine that you walk into the studio of the greatest living composer of soundtracks. And that next to John Williams’ Steinway, intent on studying some scores, are some of the most talented soloists around, who enjoy the Maestro’s utmost confidence and are working with him on a new project. Now close your eyes, and think back to some of his masterpieces reinterpreted in a most delicate sonic key, a chamber concerto where flute, piano and cello intertwine in sonic textures never heard before, even though you have heard those pieces who knows how many times.


Now you can open your eyes again: it was not a dream, you are at the Auditorium Conciliazione during the second edition of the Roma Film Music Festival, and this is «The Wonderful World of John Williams. An Intimate Celebration.» Three internationally renowned soloists and the world’s leading soundtrack producer together for a concert that promises strong emotions. Let Sara Andon’s flute, Simone Pedroni’s piano and Cecilia Tsan’s cello transport you to relive timeless titles: from «Star Wars» to «Hook. Captain Hook,» through «Schindler’s List» and «Dracula,» to «Memoirs of a Geisha,» «Sabrina,» Jane Eyre» and many others.


The great artistic adventure of John Williams told in filigree with a precious and unrepeatable concert that no fan of great music (not only for film) can miss.”




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El programa de la 2ª edición, incluidos invitados, conciertos adicionales y clases magistrales, se anunciará en breve y SoundTrackFest os traerá más información en cuanto esté disponible.


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