Star Wars Day 2020 – John Williams – ‘Imperial March’ – Viena

Para celebrar que hoy es el ‘Día de Star Wars’ (‘May the 4th be with you’), Deutsche Grammophon y la Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker han publicado el video y el audio completo del tema ‘Imperial March’, que se grabó los días 18 y 19 de enero de 2020 en el Musikverein Wien de Viena (Austria) con John Williams al frente de la orquesta.


En palabras de John Williams:

We played two rehearsals with the orchestra, at the end of which the orchestra management said: ‘Can we play the Imperial March from Star Wars?’ And I hadn’t programmed that. I thought I had already asked the brass to play quite enough big music.


But as I understand it, the brass players in the orchestra themselves requested that we would play the Imperial March. So, at the end of the rehearsal we played it, they had the music, everyone seemed to know it.


I felt very grateful to them for giving me chance to play it at the end of the programme. I loved it.


Vídeo complete:





Artículo en Classic FM:


Este tema, es un adelanto de la edición completa de dichos conciertos, que saldará este verano a cargo de Deutche Grammophon en CD/BluRay/LP:


Los temas que se incluirán serán:

  1. The Flight To Neverland (From «Hook»)
  2. Excerpts (From «Close Encounters Of The Third Kind»)
  3. Devil’s Dance (From «The Witches of Eastwick»)
  4. Adventures On Earth (From «E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial»)
  5. Theme (From «Jurassic Park»)
  6. Dartmoor, 1912 (From «War Horse»)
  7. Suite (From «Jaws»)
  8. Marion’s Theme (From «Raiders Of The Lost Ark»)
  9. Main Title (From «Star Wars»)
  10. The Rebellion Is Reborn (From «Star Wars»)
  11. Luke & Leia (From «Star Wars»)
  12. Imperial March (From «Star Wars»)
  13. Raider’s March (From «Raiders Of The Lost Ark»)