Tribute to Ghibli & Joe Hisaishi – Symphonic Works – Gira 2024

Tras su exitoso estreno mundial en diciembre de 2023 en Barcelona (leer más), la producción de Overlook EventsTribute to Ghibli & Joe Hisaishi – Symphonic Works’ debutará hoy en Italia, en Milán, para continuar en junio ofreciendo conciertos en Francia y Bélgica.

Tribute to Ghibli & Joe Hisaishi - Symphonic Works - Gira 2024


Fechas de la gira:

  • 21/01/2024 – 16h & 20h – Teatro Dal Verme – Milano, Italy (tickets)
  • 08/06/2024 – 20h – Amphithéâtre 3000 – Lyon, France (tickets)
  • 22/06/2024 – 14:30h & 19:45h – Le Grand Rex – Paris, France (tickets / tickets)
  • 29/06/2024 – 20h – ING Arena – Brussels, Belgium (tickets)

Descripción oficial:

Joe Hisaishi is recognized as one of the greatest composers of his time. With genius filmmakers such as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahashi from the Studio Ghibli, but also Takeshi Kitano or Nobuhiko Ôbayashi, the Japanese composer has explored all music genres to finally demonstrate all the magnificence of his orchestral sensitivity.


Tribute to Joe Hisaishi: Symphonic Works is a complete and wonderful exploration of this genius of Japanese music, which will allow all the audience to experience the great pieces from the Studio Ghibli films, but also those from movies composed by the maestro for forty years, as well as works from other universes such as video games or Japanese dramas.


Spirited Away · Princess Mononoke · Kiki’s Delivery Service · Porco Rosso · Howl’s Moving Castle · My Neighbor Totoro · Ponyo on the Cliff · Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind · Summer of Kikujiro · Sonatine · Kids Return · Hana Bi · Ni no Kuni · Welcome to Dongmakgol · Castles in the Sky · Tom Thumb…


A philharmonic orchestra on stage await you, for the most beautiful celebration of composer Joe Hisaishi and his symphonic works!


NOTE: Composer Joe Hisaishi is not part of the tour


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