Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2021 [POSTPONED to 2022]

UPDATE (16/12/2020): Added 2 concerts in Poland (read more)

UPDATE (3/3/2021): Extra concert added in London (read more)


Hans Zimmer’s return to the stage will have to wait another year. The Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour, scheduled to take place between February and April 2021, visiting more than 20 European cities (read more), has been postponed to 2022 due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

Hans Zimmer Live - Europe Tour 2021 [POSTPONED to 2022]


In Hans Zimmer’s words:

“As much as I would have loved to tour across Europe next year with the Hans Zimmer Live band, our orchestra and choir, we have made the difficult decision to delay until 2022. This is the only way to offer you and us a safe live tour. All 2021 tickets will transfer to the new dates – go to HansZimmerLive.com for more information. See you in 2022!”


Official announcement:

“For all Hans Zimmer Live – band members, crew, team and Hans Zimmer himself it is currently not possible to implement a logistically reasonable solution for the planned European live tour route starting in February 2021, due to the different health and safety guidelines in all countries and cities worldwide. As a result, Hans Zimmer and his team have decided to postpone their planned European tour 2021 until 2022.


There are different regulations across Europe on how tickets will be handled, so please check your ticket portal or with your agent for further information. In most cases your ticket will remain valid for the new date and no action is required. Find out more on www.hanszimmerlive.com


The new “Hans Zimmer Live” tour dates in 2022 are as follows:

  • 13th Feb 2022 CZ – Prague (postponed from 13th Feb 2021)
  • 15th Feb 2022 DE – Berlin (postponed from 11th Feb 2021)
  • 18th Feb 2022 NO – Oslo (postponed from 31st Mar 2021)
  • 20th Feb 2022 SE – Stockholm (postponed from 1st April 2021)
  • 23rd Feb 2022 BE – Antwerp (postponed from 21st Feb 2021)
  • 24th Feb 2022 DE – Mannheim (postponed from 23rd Feb 2021)
  • 07th Mar 2022 PL – Krakow (New)
  • 08th Mar 2022 PL – Lodz (New)
  • 10th Mar 2022 DK – Copenhagen (postponed from 23rd Mar 2021)
  • 11th Mar 2022 DE – Hamburg (postponed from 22nd Mar 2021)
  • 13th Mar 2022 DE – Stuttgart (postponed from 25th Feb 2021)
  • 15th Mar 2022 DE – Cologne (postponed from 19th Feb 2021)
  • 20th Mar 2022 IE – Dublin (postponed from 02nd Mar 2021)
  • 22nd Mar 2022 GB – London (New)
  • 23rd Mar 2022 GB – London (postponed from 05th Mar 2021)
  • 24th Mar 2022 GB – Manchester (postponed from 07th Mar 2021)
  • 26th Mar 2022 DE – Oberhausen (postponed from 20th Mar 2021)
  • 27th Mar 2022 NL – Amsterdam (postponed from 27th Feb 2021)
  • 28th Mar 2022 NL – Amsterdam (postponed from 28th Feb 2021)
  • 30th Mar 2022 IT – Milano (postponed from 18th Mar 2021)
  • 31st Mar 2022 IT – Bologna (postponed from 17th Mar 2021)
  • 02nd Apr 2022 CH – Zurich (postponed from 14th Mar 2021)
  • 03rd Apr 2022 CH – Zurich (postponed from 15th Mar 2021)
  • 06th Apr 2022 FR – Paris (postponed from 11th Mar 2021)
  • 07th Apr 2022 FR – Paris (postponed from 12th Mar 2021)
  • 09th Apr 2022 DE – Munich (postponed from 17th Feb 2021)
  • 12th Apr 2022 AT – Vienna (postponed from 14th Feb 2021)


This tour, organized by Semmel Concerts and RCI Global, will present a new show with Hans Zimmer joined by a band, orchestra, and choir, to perform hit compositions from fan favorite films as well as newer material and pieces not often performed live.


Promotional video:


SoundTrackFest will keep an eye on this tour and will give you more information as it is announced. Meanwhile, you can read about previous editions of this tour in the following link:



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