‘Musas en el Jardin’ Concert Series 2022 – ‘James Bond’ – Summary

On June 30 and July 1, the Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga performed two extraordinary concerts dedicated to ‘James Bond’, included in the program ‘Musas en el jardín’ organized by the Center for contemporary culture La Térmica of the Malaga Provincial Council (read more).


Our collaborator Reme Díaz attended the concerts and leaves us this summary article.



The music cycle ‘Musas en el Jardin’, organized for the third year by the Center for contemporary culture La Térmica of the Malaga Provincial Council, began with two special concerts about the best James Bond film soundtracks. Nothing better than commemorating the 60th anniversary of the famous 007 with this musical tribute that has been a huge public success.


This double date with the MI6 secret agent took place on June 30 and July 1 and was performed by the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra/ Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga, under the musical direction of Francisco de Gálvez, and local soloists Raquel Pelayo and Barbara Pareja.



  • Dr. no (Main Titles, Instrumental)
  • For your eyes only – Raquel Pelayo
  • Tomorrow never dies – Raquel Pelayo
  • Moonraker – Bárbara Pareja
  • Goldfinger – Bárbara Pareja
  • The living daylights (Instrumental)
  • All time High – Raquel Pelayo
  • From Russia with love – Raquel Pelayo
  • The world is not enough – Bárbara Pareja
  • Goldeneye – Bárbara Pareja
  • Casino Royale (Instrumental Suite)
  • ENCORE: Thunderball (Instrumental)
  • ENCORE: Skyfall – Raquel Pelayo & Bárbara Pareja


The concert started with the iconic James Bond Main Theme from the first movie of the saga, Dr. No, masterfully performed by the Orchestra, almost having a studio sound and with excellent acoustics, especially considering that it was an outdoors concert which took place in the gardens of La Térmica.


Afterwards, without following a chronological order in the concert program, soloist Raquel Pelayo, dazzled us with her presence on stage and her powerful voice to perform the songs of For Your Eyes Only, which Sheena Easton sang back in 1981, and Tomorrow Never Dies, which far surpassed Sheryl Crow’s original version.


It was the turn of the local singer Barbara Pareja, who seduced the audience with her unique voice and her adaptation of the songs Moonraker and Goldfinger, both performed in their original versions by Shirley Bassey, although 15 years apart.


After a pause of vocal themes with the instrumental version of The Living Daylights, Raquel Pelayo returned to the stage where she once again proved her elegance and vocal register in the themes of All Time High (performed by Rita Coolidge for the 1983 film Octopussy) and From Russia With Love (sung by Matt Monro in the 1963 film of the same name).


Finally, Barbara Pareja shone one more time on stage with her interpretation of The World Is Not Enough and Golden Eye, both films from the 90s that had Garbage and Tina Turner as original performers respectively.


The concert program ended with the instrumental suite of Casino Royale, once again brightly performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra and which induced a standing ovation from the audience.


For those who missed some of the most recent themes of the saga, and as a reward for that great ovation, the Orchestra gifted us another instrumental suite from ‘Thunderball’ and soloists Raquel and Barbara joined their wonderful voices to say goodbye after an hour and a quarter of concert with a version of Adele’s theme for Skyfall.


Even though when we missed legendary themes that could have fit really good the symphony orchestra format (such as Live and Let Die, composed by George Martin and performed by Paul McCartney and the Wings for the 1973 film of the same name) or songs that would have been shaped well to the voices of both singers such as License to Kill (Gladys Knight) or the recently Oscar-winning No Time To Die (Billie Eilish), the truth is that it is difficult to summarize 60 years of great songs in a single concert.


The repertoire made a perfect tour of the James Bond soundtracks, already an icon along with the credit titles of the films. Ultimately, we were able to enjoy a good cocktail of music, shaken but not stirred.


Article and pictures by Reme Díaz