Apulia Soundtrack Awards – 3rd edition – Winners and brief summary

The 3rd edition of the Apulia Soundtrack Awards, was celebrated last week in Carovigno, Puglia, Italy (July 4-6, 2024), with masterclasses (read more), concerts (read more) and several awards ceremonies (read more).



These are the winners of the 3rd edition:

  • Emerging Composer Award – Parker Phinney
    • NOTE: Carlotta Romano and Marguerite de Galbert received a special mention for their debut work.
  • Italian Composer of the year Award – Franco Piersanti
  • International composer of the year Award – Daniel Pemberton
  • Major Contribution to the Art of Film Music – Ray Costa (Costa Communications)
  • Career Award – Diane Warren
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Pino Donaggio
  • Honorary Award – Jean-Michel Bernard
  • Honorary Award – Sean Callery


SoundTrackFest, Media Partner of the festival, attended and participated the Apulia Soundtrack Awards 2024, and brought you timely information from Carovignio, Pulia.

Apulia Soundtrack Awards - 3rd edition


Below you can see a brief summary of the festival, through our daily posts and pictures. Soon, an extended and detailed article will be published.


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