The World of Hans Zimmer 2019 – Nov 8th – Frankfurt – Brief Review and Pictures

The ‘World of Hans Zimmer’ tour continues honoring the word ‘World’, crossing borders and changing countries every day, and leaving Frankfurt (Germany) to head to Antwerp (Belgium), for our 4th concert in 4 days, across 4 countries.


Yesterday night the show was held at the Festhalle Frankfurt venue and… who said big arenas are ugly and can’t be stylish? A beautiful structure with many ring-shaped levels, and coronated with a dome, made the Festhalle a wonderful venue to perform the music of ‘The World of Hans Zimmer’.


Ok… maybe the acoustics of the place were a bit more difficult to manage there, compared to other venues… but hey, the tech team loves challenges! A team, by the way, made of more than 150 people who work tirelessly every day to build the set, prepare the lights, test and adjust the sound & visuals, make sure all the wardrobe and make-ups are ready when they’re needed, and that all the music instruments are on their place and ready during the show… among many other things! But to talk about this, we would need a longer and more extensive article… so… maybe in another moment 😉


In summary, looking at the results, yesterday we witnessed a wonderful sold-out show, with an impressive audiovisual quality, in a wonderful venue, that the audience enjoyed very much!


More shows are coming in Europe soon, so keep an eye on this link to see if the tour is going to be in a city near you:


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The World of Hans Zimmer – 2019-11-08 – Frankfurt (Festhalle) – Concert [Gorka Oteiza]


The World of Hans Zimmer – 2019-11-08 – Frankfurt (Festhalle) – Concert [Rafa Melgar]


Article by Gorka Oteiza

Pictures by Rafa Melgar & Gorka Oteiza