2023-11-04 – 20:40 h

Chief Conductor Simone Young & the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, join forces with star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter in a program of music by John Williams and great Hollywood composers, to be held on 9, 10 & 11 November 2023 at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.


Official description:

“Experience all the drama of favourite Hollywood films as violin sensation Anne-Sophie Mutter performs works by the legendary John Williams, composer of scores for Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and many other cinematic classics.


Anne-Sophie Mutter’s sensational performances with the Berlin Philharmonic as a thirteen year old caught the attention of John Williams. Over the subsequent decades, they have been close musical collaborators, and Williams’ Violin Concerto No.2, premiered in 2021, was written specifically for Mutter. Williams himself conducted the world premiere at Tanglewood. More experimental than a film score, but just as cinematic, the concerto opens the way for an exhilarating display of Mutter’s virtuosity.


This concert also features a selection of iconic film music across the years, selected and directed by Chief Conductor Simone Young. Lush, dramatic and compelling, this is storytelling at its finest.”



  • HERRMANN Vertigo: Suite
  • JOHN WILLIAMS Violin Concerto No.2
  • ROTA The Leopard: Suite
  • WESTLAKE Flying Dreams
  • JOHN WILLIAMS Hedwig’s Theme
  • JOHN WILLIAMS The Long Goodbye: Theme


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