2021-06-02 – 14:00 h

The American Society of Music Arrangers & Composers (ASMAC) presents today an online conference entitled ‘The Composer/Director Relationship: In Conversation with Writer/Director Phil Alden Robinson’ featuring Dan Redfeld, Tim Rodier, Jim Henrikson, Joe E Rand, and honored guest Sara Horner.


Composers/orchestrators Dan Redfeld and Tim Rodier will interview Phil Alden Robinson, writer/director of films such as Field of Dreams, Sneakers, and Sum of All Fears, in a conversation that will include a discussion of Phil’s career and his approach to working with a composer, concentrating on working with Academy Award-winning composer James Horner.


The conference will go in-depth into the conceptualizing and spotting process and look at particular cues from Field of Dreams and Sneakers along with the picture and written music as well as discuss the compositional and orchestrational techniques James used.


Jim Henrikson and Joe E. Rand, James Horner’s music editing team, along with Sara Horner, James’ widow will join the conversation.


When: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 12:00h – PST / 15:00h – EST / 21:00h – CEST

Where: Online

Tickets: Free – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/composerdirector-relationships-with-writerdirector-phil-alden-robinson-tickets-155492816199

More information: https://asmac.org/index.php/calendar/parties/060221-composerdirector