2018-05-26 – 19:00 h


UPADTE (06/12/2020): Second edition of the book published, expanded & corrected (read more)

UPDATE (26/02/2023): English edition of the book published (read more)


Ediciones Rosetta SL will publish on June 22nd the book named ‘La Música de Basil Poledouris’ (The Music of Basil Poledouris), which will be dedicated to the figure of the American composer Basil Poledouris (Kansas, 1945 – Los Angeles, 2006), one of the most acclaimed and admired artists dedicated to compose film music.


This is the first book published in Spain about the artist, containing an in-depth analysis of his works for film and television, as well as other outstanding compositions for other areas. In addition to all this, information about his filmography and discography is included, as well as an annex paying homage to his figure, highlighting the trace his visit to Spain shortly before his death, had both on him and on the people who shared time him during those days.


Written by Sergio Hardasmal, the book will have 220 pages and a prologue by Tim Boyle.


Link to the book (IN SPANISH ONLY): https://www.edicionesrosetta.es/tienda/editorial/la-musica-de-basil-poledouris/

Additional Link: http://www.rosebudbandasonora.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=25714

Estimated Price: 20 €