2022-11-21 – 20:05 h

The Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne conducted by Andreas Patrik Hansson and with the narration of Fabienne Barras (text Frauke Angel), will perform this Wednesday, November 23rd, the concert ‘Merregnon: Land of Silence’ in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Featuring exclusive music by acclaimed composer Yoko Shimomura (known for her work on the multi-million selling video games Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts), the production aims to introduce families and children to the beauty of the orchestral sound. ‘Merregnon: Land of Silence’ tells the story of the orphan Miru and her friends, displaying various instrument groups and soloists.


When: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 at 17:00h

Where: Salle Métropole (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Tickets: 5-15 CHF (5-15 €) – https://www.ocl.ch/concert/decouverte-n1-22-23/


You can read more about ‘Merregnon: Land of Silence’ here:



You can watch the world premiere video of that concert here: