2024-04-27 – 12:55 h


Do you remember the 1980s? The fact that the initially rather awkward-looking computer games of that time have now become a highly respected (and commercially immensely successful) art form in wide circles is due not least to the music. Similar to the great fantasy epics of Hollywood, lush symphonic sounds accompany the action here: Mythical creatures, heroes fighting with primitive weapons, rocking ships and medieval cities growing up as if by magic would only be half as impressive if they were not accompanied by cleverly composed music. While this was still monotonously archaic-modal in the early days, the range has widened considerably. This can be impressively experienced with “Final Fantasy”, “Journey”, the 1980s classic “The Great Giana Sisters” and others.


  • Göttinger Symphonieorchester
  • Eckehard Stier, Conductor
  • Benyamin Nuss, Piano
  • Ilyass Alaoui, Presenter


  • NOBUO UEMATSU – Opening Fanfare (World of Gaming)
  • BRIAN TYLER – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • CHRIS HÜLSBECK – Gem’X (Main Theme)
  • OLIVIER DERIVIÈRE – A Plague Tale: Requiem (No Turning Back)
  • INON ZUR – Starfield (The World Machine / Supernova)
  • NOBUO UEMATSU – Final Fantasy I-VI (Piano Concerto)
  • JEMEMY SOULE – The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Suite)
  • GARETH COKER – Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Shriek and Ori)
  • BEAR MCCREARY – God of War Ragnarök (Giantess of Ironwood)
  • ROVIO – Angry Birds (Medley – All-Around Adventure!)
  • AUSTIN WINTORY – Journey (Apotheosis)
  • CHRIS HÜLSBECK – The Great Giana Sisters (Suite)