2019-12-07 – 14:30 h

The Basque composer Joseba Beristain, will teach a course entitled ‘Discovering the soundtracks’ from December 16 to 20 in Bilbao (Spain), with the aim of raising awareness of the impact of music on an audiovisual work, and its ability to develop a musical script, among others.


The course will last a total of 20 hours, aimed at musicians who are interested in the world of soundtracks, as well as directors, producers, editors and screenwriters who want to know the narrative possibilities of music, and fans in general, both to the cinema as to the soundtracks, that want to get deeper information in this field.


When: From Monday 16th till Friday 20th, December 2019 – 10h – 14h

Where: Sala Consejo SGAE (Bilbao, Spain)

Price: 40-80 €

More information: http://www.fundacionsgae.org/es-ES/SitePages/Programacion_Taller.aspx?i=1475&s=

Full program: https://fundacion-sgae.s3.amazonaws.com/2019/FORMACION/Pais_Vasco/Descubriendo_Bandas_Sonoras_2019_Bilbao.pdf