2022-04-16 – 15:40 h

Danny Elfman will perform today, Saturday, April 16, at the Coachella 2022 festival (read more), and his show will be available live on YouTube for free, on the festival’s 2nd channel (of the three channels with the different stages).


Approximate schedule:

  • Saturday 16/4 – 21:15h (PDT) – Los Angeles, Coachella
  • Sunday 17/4 – 0:15h (EDT) – Boston, New York
  • Sunday 17/4 – 5:15h (BST) – UK
  • Sunday 17/4 – 6:15h (CEST) – Europe (Spain, France, Germany…)


Streaming link and more information (in the description):



After the end of the performances on Saturday 16, the entire block will be rebroadcast once again, while the performances on Sunday 17 arrive, the third and last day of the first weekend.


📸 Danny Elfman Facebook Page (link)