2022-03-14 – 13:05 h

After an intense weekend with John Williams in Vienna (read more), we continue receiving good news…. Deutsche Grammophon has announced that the world premiere of Williams’Violin Concerto No 2’, celebrated in Tanglewood in July 2021 (read more), will be released in Blu-Ray on August 19, 2022.


This release, will complement previously announced launch of the violin concert in CD/LP on June 3, 2022:



Official announcement (excerpt):

“Scheduled for release on 19 August, a special single-disc Blu-ray edition of the album will feature all tracks in Pure Audio – also available in Surround and Dolby Atmos – along with films of last summer’s world premiere of the second violin concerto at Tanglewood, together with the artists’ encore performance of “Across the Stars” (from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones); the three film themes in concert from Boston; and a 25minute interview with John Williams and Anne-Sophie Mutter at Tanglewood. A 10-inch vinyl version of the three film themes will be released on the same day, available exclusively online from the DG Store.


To whet fans’ appetites, a new single and video of the concerto’s second movement, “Rounds”, will be available from 11 March. This will be followed by “Han Solo and the Princess” on 29 April, with a special YouTube premiere for its video on 4 May – Star Wars Day. The e-single and video of “Marion’s Theme” will be released on the same day as the album, 3 June, while the video of the Theme from The Long Goodbye will come out with the Blu-ray album on 19 August.”


You can get all the details in the following official press statement:



VIDEO: Preview – “John Williams & Anne-Sophie Mutter – Williams: II. Rounds (Violin Concerto No. 2)” – 9m 47s