2024-05-08 – 20:10 h


“Tradition”, “If I Were A Rich Man”, “Sunrise, Sunset”… Who doesn’t know these songs? We are delighted to present the live world premiere of the iconic 1971 musical film «Fiddler on the Roof» with the Oscar-winning work of Hollywood legend John Willliams at the KKL Lucerne on 31 May 2024!


Set in the village of Anatevka in Ukraine in 1905, «Fiddler on the Roof» tells the story of Tevye (Chaim Topol), who tries to find good husbands for his five daughters while trying to preserve the traditions of his religion and community in a changing world.


While the restored film shines on the big screen, the 75-piece City Light Symphony Orchestra performs Jerry Bock‘s music, adapted and expanded by John Williams, with the original vocals to match the film. Conducted by Anthony Gabriele.