2018-05-28 – 6:45 h

Conrado Xalabarder, webmaster of MundoBSO website, film music critic in the Spanish magazine Fotogramas and author of the book ‘The Music Script in Film’, will offer a lecture named ‘When the composer becomes a filmmaker: The narrative of film music’ tomorrow, Tuesday 29th of May, at the Akademia Muzyczna Karol Lipiński in Wrocław (Poland).

From 11h to 13h the conference will take place in the auditorium of the academy, where the relevance of music as a narrative element in movies will be explained with an empirical demonstration.

From 14h to 17h, there will be a workshop where the students of the conservatory will show their audiovisual works and Conrado Xalabarder will comment on them offering his suggestions.

The event is free entry.


More information (Only in Polish): http://www.amuz.wroc.pl/pl/wyklad_i_warsztat_-_conrado_xalabarder/7426/2/