2023-06-22 – 8:00 h

The third concert of this year’s 17th edition of FIMUCITÉ will be on Saturday, July 8 at 20:00h at the Teatro Leal in la Laguna entitled ‘Jazzdalamenti: Jazz Tribute to Angelo Badalamenti’.


FIMUCITÉ wants to honor the memory of recently departed composer Angelo Badalamenti with the play on words chosen as the name of this concert. Badalamenti’s career was synonymous with the creative tandem he formed with directing great David Lynch, which has left us legendary scores such as that of “Twin Peaks”, “Blue Velvet” or “Mulholland Drive”, among others.


Jazz, in its many forms, was always hugely influential for the composer, which is why the festival has decided to create this show with a series of exceptional arrangements we have commissioned from prestigious composer Joseph LoDuca. LoDuca, a close friend of the maestro, is the author of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Brotherhood of the Wolf, to name but a couple.


Jazzdalamenti will be a fascinating journey through the composer’s work arranged in a Big Band style.


LoDuca himself, as a consummate jazz guitarist, will take part in this concert, performed by the Big Band de Canarias, under the musical direction of prestigious saxophonist Kike Perdomo, one of the pillars of jazz on the Canary Islands. There will be the chance to enjoy one of the great voices of this festival: the extraordinary Esther Ovejero, who will sing some of his most famous songs created for film and TV.



  • Jitterbug – from MULHOLLAND DRIVE
  • Dance of the Dream Man – from TWIN PEAKS
  • I’m Hurt Bad-Blue Frank – from TWIN PEAKS
  • Prelude / Careless Talk – from THE EDGE OF LOVE (Lyrics by John Maybury)
  • Up In Flames – from WILD AT HEART (Lyrics by David Lynch)
  • Country Theme – from THE STRAIGHT STORY
  • Welcome to Patagonia – from PATAGONIA
  • Moving Through Time – from TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME
  • A Real Indication – from the album THE THOUGHT GANG (lyrics by David Lynch)
  • Love Me – from THE EDGE OF LOVE
  • Careless Love (Manouche) – from THE EDGE OF LOVE
  • Careless Love (Cabaret) – from THE EDGE OF LOVE (Lyrics by John Maybury and Joseph LoDuca)



  • Big Band de Canarias
  • Kike Perdomo (Sax)
  • Esther Ovejero (Voice)
  • Joseph LoDuca (Guitar)


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