2023-06-17 – 15:35 h

On Thursday, June 15, during the London concert of the ‘Hans Zimmer Live 2023’ tour, composer Hans Zimmer brought his girlfriend Dina De Luca on stage and asked her:

“Why did I bring you up here? I was going to ask you something really important. Did you lock the back door? Is the milk in the fridge? Do we have any sorbet in the freezer?… “Will you marry me?” 


And she obviously said “Yes” 😉. Congratulations!!! 🎉⭐👏


Dina De Luca is an entrepreneur, freelancer, and producer by profession, founder of ‘DDC28 New York’, an agency specialized in crafting exceptional personal experiences.


VIDEO: Composer Hans Zimmer proposes to his partner during London O2 arena performance (2m 13s):


VIDEO: Composer Hans Zimmer proposes to partner on stage during live performance (0m 42s)


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