2024-04-17 – 20:15 h


Debut of the pianist Hauschka at the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical (CNDM) in Madrid, Spain. On his ID card he is listed as Volker Bertelmann (Kreuztal, Germany, 1966), but in front of the piano he becomes Hauschka and reinvents the eighty-eight keys with an unbridled imagination to manipulate the sound with leather, felt or aluminum foil. Experimentation and mischief were already guiding his steps since his youthful beginnings as a hip-hop transgressor. The overwhelming facet as an author of soundtracks, a priority since 2010, corroborates this spirit of search. Hence the scores for Adrift, Hotel Bombay, A Way Home (Oscar nominee in 2017), the series Patrick Melrose or Gunpowder and, of course, All Quiet on the Western Front, winner of the Oscar and Bafta in 2023.