2023-04-17 – 20:15 h

Tomorrow, April 18th, the concert hall of the Krakow Philharmonic will be taken over by the sounds of horror from Alfred Hitchcock’s thrillers with scores by Bernard Herrmann, as well as music by one of Poland’s most outstanding contemporary composers, Paweł Mykietyn with both concert and film compositions, including those from the Oscar-nominated film IO.

The ‘Herrmann | Mykietyn’ concert is a return to the original formula, which was proposed to Krakow audiences by the management of Sinfonietta Cracovia a few months ago. Last November, the stage of the Krakow Philharmonic concert hall was shared by the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Patrick Doyle, author of the music for Harry Potter. The concert was enthusiastically received by the audience, which prompted the organizers to develop the idea of combining musical worlds. (read more)


“This time we will show the audience how close the worlds of film and contemporary music are to each other. Not everyone is aware that the horror in the famous chilling shower scene from Psycho is largely built by the music, and more specifically by the strings, contemporary sounds that we will be able to hear live this time,” says Agata Grabowiecka, director of Sinfonietta Cracovia. “At the same time, the same program will include concert works: the lively Sinfonietta for Strings by Herrmann and Cello Concerto No. 2 by Paweł Mykietyn, performed by the excellent cellist Marcin Zdunik. This is a concert for people who want to expand their musical horizons.


The presence on stage of Marcin Zdunik, who worked closely with the composer during the composition of the Concerto, guarantees the highest level of performance of this extremely interesting work. The cellist himself describes it as “a mesmerizing sound story with an extremely dynamic musical narrative. Paweł Mykietyn’s composition keeps listeners and performers in suspense from the first to the last note, paradoxically, however, leaving a lot of space for contemplation.


In addition, Sinfonietta Cracovia will perform alongside musicians of the Krakow Philharmonic under the baton of its artistic director, Alexander Humala. Thus, the symphonic sounds of classical Hollywood will resound with the power of the musicians of the two orchestras, and will be complemented by the electronic effects used in Pawel Mykietyn’s compositions for the film IO (European Film Award for best soundtrack of the year).


Program (estimated duration of the concert – 110 minutes):

  • Paweł Mykietyn Selections from the soundtrack of the film IO (The Beginning, Wolves and Lasers, White Horse)
  • Paweł Mykietyn Second Concerto for cello and symphony orchestra
  • Bernard Herrmann Sinfonietta for strings
  • Music from films: Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Marnie, Citizen Kane



  • Sinfonietta Cracovia
  • Alexander Humala conductor
  • Marcin Zdunik cello
  • Musicians of the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra


The composer himself will work with the orchestra during rehearsals, and the evening concert at the Krakow Philharmonic will be preceded by a meeting with the composer at 18h for concert ticket holders (Sali Złotej w Filharmonia Krakowska), led by journalists Magda Miśka-Jackowska and Jacek Hawryluk.


More information about this meeting:





  • Concert produced in cooperation with the Krakow Philharmonic as part of the Musical Bridges project, linking Cracow’s cultural institutions.
  • Media patronage: Dwójka -Program 2 of the Polish Radio, Radio Krakow, Radio Krakow Culture, Ekrany magazine.
  • Realization of the concert under the patronage of the Polish Music Publishers as part of the TUTTI.pl project promoting the performance of Polish music.
  • Sinfonietta Cracovia is a cultural institution of the City of Cracow.